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What Google’s new algorithm means for your organic ranking


Custom printed tape is a product that allows companies to stand out from the competition and allow brands to set a good first impression with their customers. It is a great product to also help reduce pilferage due to the seal being fairly obvious if it has been opened during shipment.

When a company starts using custom printed packaging tape, they will not go back to using regular tape again due to all the benefits it bring to the organization marketing-wise and so on. But your customers have to first be able to find your product online and you have to give them a compelling reason how you will help them solve their problem. Back before the hummingbird update on Google, it was easy to rank high on keywords and it was very hard for new players to rank high on organic search.

Fast-forward to today, Google’s new update has a bigger emphasis on machine learning. What this means is AI lets computers understand human intervention through iterations by putting together similar properties and defining values based on mutual properties. In simple terms what this means for companies is the sites who get the highest user signals and engagement will get ranked higher when it comes to organic search.

Keep in mind for Google show changes, especially drastic ones on their search engines result page, it will not happen overnight. Keyword rank is not affected by huge changes and the algorithm is different depending on the search. For example if you are in a competitive market, the most important aspects are the quality of the content you publish as well as user engagement. On the other hand, if you compete in lower searched keywords, conventional ranking signals will still apply above all else.

There are always things you can be doing to improve your SEO with the ever-changing algorithm. One of them is to keep improving the experience for the user once they visit your site but click through rate is still one of the most regarded for ranking. Another thing you want to be doing is to focus on content and keywords you want to rank for.

When you know what kind of content you will be discussing on your website, it is best to know what the most important questions are related to your main topic. There should also be ideas for subtopics on your website too in order to discuss in greater detail on the lower-hierarchy pages what to look for on the pillar pages. Use of common language with no slang that most people will understand is best when writing up your content.

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