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A Morning Caffeine Hit Gets the Day Under Way!


Most working folks understand that a morning coffee brewed in just the right way is an excellent start to the day. Indeed, millions of people at this very moment are working their way through a hot cup! For many people facing the daily commute to work, a cup of hot coffee not only tastes good but also helps them to focus and clarify their morning thoughts. It helps them to get their days started and get themselves started.

You Owe it to Your Employees

As a business leader, it’s important to make sure that your employees are happy because happy and content employees are also more productive employees. This works well for getting along at work and for the bottom line! But if you’re wondering how you can make your employees even happier, here’s a thought: install a premium-quality coffee vending machine in the workplace!

The fact is that companies that manufacture great-quality coffee vending machines in Newmarket can offer a range of units to suit just about any workplace. Imagine your employees walking in through the office door on a cold and wet morning to find a premium-quality coffee vending machine right there in front of them. Not only can they get their morning coffee but they can also sip on a cuppa throughout the day and remain happy and productive!

Coffee vending machines can be as simple as a tabletop unit that works with instant coffee. It’s great for speed and ease of use but may not suit everyone, especially those who are caffeine connoisseurs. For the coffee snobs, how about a premium-quality bean to cup machine? They can have real, fresh coffee beans ground and then transformed into a hot cup of coffee right before their eyes!

The Benefits of the Caffeine Hit

We all understand that a morning coffee makes us feel better, but why is this so? The fact is that that caffeine has plenty of benefits, especially to the morning commuter just about to walk into the office for a day of hard work! Here are just some of the significant benefits that caffeine provides:

  • Alert: It’s true that caffeine is a nervous system stimulant and this means that it helps to keep us alert. Even a little coffee can help us on the morning drive to work or help to keep us focused while we are on the job.
  • Focus: Studies were done also suggest that caffeine helps us to retain more information in our memories. This is especially useful news for students and those who need to use their brains a lot at work.
  • Painkiller: If you have a hangover or aches and pains because you’ve not had a good night of sleep, it is probably better for you to drink some coffee rather than take some painkilling medication. Caffeine is the natural way to relieve aches and pains and can even help to ease the pain of a headache.

Really, as the boss, you owe it to yourself and your employees to give them the coffee that they need in the morning and throughout the day. Not only does it taste great but a coffee can help increase productivity too! For peace of mind it is good to know that all coffee vending machines follow UK health and safety laws.

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