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Why Experts’ Opinion Matter in Workers’ Comp Cases


If you have been hurt while performing your job duties, you may want to file a workers’ comp claim, so you can get benefits that will cover your medical expenses and lost income. Unfortunately, the insurance company may dispute or deny your claim, particularly when you have a serious injury, high medical bills, and you couldn’t return to work anytime sooner. If you have to fight for your rights to compensation, you must have solid evidence to establish your entitlement to workers’ comp benefits. This is the reason you must hire a North Bergen Workers Compensation Attorney. A great attorney has experience working with experts in workers’ comp claims. As a result, they have come up with a proven approach to maximize the value of their contributions. 

The Role Experts Play in Workers’ Comp Cases

To try to get the monetary benefits you legally deserve, your attorney will draw from the expertise of experts such as doctors, therapists, and others to analyze and offer an opinion about your injury. By using experts, you will have an advantage in a dispute workers’ comp claim. Insurance providers will usually consider the background of these experts as highly credible and convincing. As these experts can make sense of technical, financial, scientific, and other complex issues, they offer the clarity that insurance companies need to approve your claim.  The following are some of the experts your attorney may get in touch with:

  • Medical experts. These professionals can provide an opinion on the nature and severity of your injuries, physical limitations, current and future treatments, and prognosis for recovery.
  • Occupational or vocational experts. These experts will review your situation and evaluate the impact of your condition on your ability to work, both in your current professional and possible future employment. And depending on your injury, your lawyer will need the opinion of an occupational disease expert who has knowledge about the cause of your workplace injury. 

Keep in mind that the insurance company may also retain the service of experts to support its position on your claim. And because these professionals are hired to side with the company, their opinion may favor it. 

Trusting a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you have to take on your employer’s insurance carrier to receive workers’ comp benefits, you must use all available resources to support your claim. Retaining a legal expert will give you access to credible evidence that will help you gain approval. 

To learn more on how an expert may break or make your case, please see the resource below.

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