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5 Ways A Paper Bag Can Help Market Your Business


Paper bags have a number of benefits to them, with a customisable design as well as the choice of size and shape, this can benefit your business in the long term. But how can it help to market your business? In this article, we will be looking into 5 ways that a paper bag can bring your marketing to the next level in the new year.

They Are Cost-Effective

One of the biggest benefits of printed paper bags is that they are cost-effective. Due to their material type, they are a cost-effective option as printing costs are often lower than printing on material. However, this can differ depending on the shape and size of the bag as more ink will be needed to create the perfect design to suit your brand.

Designs Can Be Changed With Ease

In addition to the cost-effectiveness of paper bags, there is the ability to change the design regularly. This is beneficial for both small and established businesses as the design can be changed for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays. The design can also be changed with ease should your business undergo a re-brand at any point. All that will need to be done is sending the new design to the printers and begin to make the new bags. You can then order a set number at a time allowing you to monitor the costs as closely as possible.

Overall Colour Can Be Changed To Suit Branding

Though most paper bags are kept to just the traditional brown paper, it is also possible to change the colour of the paper to suit the branding. Whether you want the paper to be White or another colour to perfectly match your branding, this can be done with ease. Though this may change the cost of manufacture slightly, this will not have a huge effect, allowing you to enjoy market your business in an effective way whilst spending very little of your marketing budget.

Can Be Altered Based on Feedback

If you are creating a range of paper bags for your business and experience negative feedback regarding the overall design, this can then be adapted. Whether you decide to add new handles, or you make the bags stronger, this will benefit you in term and allow you to create a bag that not only looks great but is practical as a result. Though this may take time to design it, this can then be adapted with a different design allowing you to create a bag for every season efficiently.

Can Be Interactive

The final way that a paper bag can help you to market your business is an interactive element. With a QR code as well as Snapchat codes and Twitter links, this will not only drive traffic to your social media platforms, but this will allow users to interact with the brand as a whole.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that investing in paper bags can market your business without spending a small fortune on TV commercials and traditional print. Will you be opting for paper bags for your business in the new year?

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