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Why it Makes Perfect Sense to Form a Holding Company in Switzerland


The modern business world is complex at the best of times, with keeping abreast of current trends and trying to forecast the future, and as your business expands, you are looking for an efficient way to manage your portfolio. The holding company is the obvious path for the busy investor who has shares in several companies, and the location of that company very much determines the rules of play. Switzerland has always favoured low taxes, which definitely attracts the wealthy to reside in this neutral nation that is the financial hub of Europe. It isn’t just the well-off that are drawn to Switzerland, as the business climate is very agreeable, and for those who wish to form a holding company, this has to be the best location.

Favourable Conditions

Of all the Swiss Cantons (there are 23), Canton Zug accounts for approximately 25% of all Swiss holding companies, which is a direct reflection of the many benefits the Canton offers. For anyone who is thinking of setting up business in Switzerland, it is essential they seek expert advice, and there are online companies who are dedicated to assisting in the formation of holding companies in Switzerland. There are certain requirements in order to be able to form a holding company in Switzerland, one being that the company cannot conduct any other business in Switzerland, other than having shares in other companies, and by consulting with an expert, you can be sure to comply with the various conditions.

Essential Services

Once the holding company is set up, you will likely need extra services, with perhaps accounting and office space, and the organisation that secured the company formation would typically offer any business related service that you are likely to require, including experienced office staff who are fluent in English. Many companies take advantage of the virtual office services, which allows them to have professional receptionists answer calls on their behalf, and with meeting room facilities available, you can project the right image for a fraction of the cost.

Professional Advice

For any investor who is planning to form a holding company in a foreign country, having access to local expertise is critical, and with online solutions, it is very easy to make contact with the right company, who can handle the entire operation, and also provide any services you might need, including assistance with opening company bank accounts and preparing the tax forms and accounts. It is essential to be in full possession of all the facts before making any decisions regarding company formation, and with an established consultancy that specialises in the formation of Swiss holding companies, you will be in very capable hands.

Whatever you chosen line of business, if a holding company is your next step, there is no better location that Switzerland, the financial hub of Europe, where you can enjoy the lowest taxes and have the prestige of being at the centre of the action.

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