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5 Apartment Amenities That Make Life Better


Let’s face it; an apartment that is little more than a bed and a toilet isn’t a place that inspires happiness. You’ve likely lived in a place like that, or maybe that describes your current living arrangement. If it’s time for you to move on to a place that you’ll be happier to call home, here are some amenities to consider.

Experienced real estate developers like Steven Taylor Los Angeles know that these little extras that not all apartments provide are important to a tenant’s quality of living. It can be the difference between dreading returning home and being happy to collapse onto your bed for a great night’s sleep.


Scrubbing every dish by hand is a chore that is not only tedious but also time-consuming. Think of all the other things you could be doing while your dishwasher cleans your plates and cutlery for you: maybe enjoying an evening drink on your patio.


Speaking of a patio: this little addition may seem unnecessary, and probably is if you are looking for bare-bones existence, but it’s hard to understate how nice it is to be able to step out onto your own little piece of the outside with your refrigerator close at hand. When redeveloping a property, Steven Taylor LA knows how important these simple extras can be.

In-Unit Laundry

Lugging all your dirty clothes down to a shared laundry room can be a drag. You never know the state of disrepair it will be in. Is there pet hair all over the washer again? Are there even any machines available? Having laundry facilities in your unit is really a godsend.

Secure Parking

Parking on the street is always stressful. There are so many things that could go wrong: everything from a new scratch on your paint job to, well, your car not being there anymore. You will, without a doubt, sleep better at night knowing your vehicle is safe inside a secured parking area.

Recreational Areas

There are a number of great amenities that fall into this category and, depending on what your lifestyle is, they could really enhance your enjoyment of your living space. It could be a fitness center, barbecue area, swimming pool, or a clubhouse with a pool table. A playground or a dog run could be a huge bonus if you have kids or dogs.

If you are in the market to move from your less-than-ideal apartment into something that sparks a little more joy, keep some of these amenities in mind. You might want to add them to your “must-have” list.

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