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5 Ideas For Your Next Online Event


Workplace culture is evolving and rapidly moving to the Internet, especially in the aftermath of the global coronavirus pandemic. While it is happening for real, event organisers or professionals find it challenging to make an online event as exciting and interesting as the real-world events – the reasons are many.

Unlike in-person events, attending an online event requires staring at the screen continuously. Also, there is little to zero casual interaction and absolutely no room for distraction. As a result, organisers must be creative to captivate attendees without jeopardising the online event’s integrity.

Here are 5 ideas that a business should incorporate for their next virtual events

  1. Games And Contests

Online meetings can be tedious, but games can be fun. Consider adding games like bingo, charades, or trivia to your next live online event. Not only will it make the session competitive, but it will also mean a bit of entertainment for everyone. You can even introduce contests or tournaments and split the event participants into smaller groups.

  1. Live Performances

Music is a great stress-buster, so why not feature it in online events. As everything will be live, hosting live musical performances can make everyone go grooving. Likewise, hiring a comic artist can create laughter, or a magician will take the audience to the world of wonder. Stay away from streaming a live video of such performances.

  1. Breakout Sessions

Online events are focused on subjects pertinent to the industry, academia, or whatever audience they are targeting. As it can create boredom among the participants if the sessions are long, integrating breakout sessions will allow them to engage in lively debates with like-minded people over topics of interest during the ongoing event. These sessions could be theme-based and feature speakers or experts.

  1. Virtual Backgrounds

One thing that misses from an online event is the commonness of the environment. While each participant must be attending the event from different parts of a city or a country, or the world, creating a virtual background will make the event look branded and like it is taking place under a single roof.

  1. Hosts Giveaways

Giveaways could be both fun and engaging as everyone will be contributing to making the event successful. Attendees can be assigned tasks like promoting the event on social media and rewarded with virtual gifts or real incentives. You can also involve sponsors in the activity to add excitement.

Virtual events have made it possible for businesses to connect with their stakeholders worldwide and continue operations even during a global economic situation. The success of such events has been overwhelming, and all you need is to keep experimenting and being creative to make them match the in-person events.

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