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How Does an Engine Protection Add-On Increase the Coverage of Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?


Ever two-wheeler insurance policy has pre-defined coverage; be it a third-party cover or comprehensive policy. While a third-party party plans have a limited coverage for legal liabilities becoming due to third person, a comprehensive plan includes own damages too. For some these pre-defined coverages may be sufficient, but a few others may choose to fine tune it. This can be done using the add-on facility available with comprehensive plans.

Add-ons are optional policy upgrades that enhance the coverage of a two wheeler insurance policy. Using the add-on facility, it is easy to customise the policy coverage based on the different risks that you wish to insure against. One such essential add-on is the engine protection cover.

What is engine protection add-on?

Comprehensive bike insurance plans offer a 360-degree coverage for damages to your bike, as well as any concerned third-party legal liabilities. This includes injuries sustained by a third person, property damage, repairs to your bike and even injuries to you, the policyholder. However, it has certain limitation, especially when it comes to safeguarding the repairs for the engine. The engine protection add-on can be used to cover for these costs. * Standard T&C Apply

How does the engine protection add-on work?

Being the heart of your motorbike, any damages to the engine may mean hefty repair costs. For example, monsoons are notorious for waterlogging. This often results in water entering the engine and other components thereby causing the bike to stall. If the water enters the engine block, it can lead to a hydrostatic lock too. For such repair costs, an engine protection add-on can help ward of financial worries that otherwise can put a dent in your account.

Not just water damages, lubricants like engine oil, coolants leaking can also require repairs to the engine. These repair costs are also included in the add-on cover. Further, physical damages to the engine like the gearbox, pistons, crankshaft are covered in the policy scope. Since this add-on is over and above the standard coverage under a comprehensive policy, it ends up increasing the two wheeler insurance price. * Standard T&C Apply

Who is this coverage for?

Engine protection add-on can be purchased by all buyers who opt for a comprehensive plan. However, it is advisable for those living in flood-prone regions to buy one. Also, those planning on long-range road trips can benefit from an engine protection cover in case of unexpected damages to the engine. Any major repairs can be covered when you have the backup of an engine protection cover.

Are there any exclusions to the engine protection add-on?

Yes, just like all insurance plans, the engine protection cover also excludes certain repairs to the engine.

  • Repairs to the engine that are a result of routine wear and tear are excluded.
  • Replacement of the internal spares of the engine or gearbox as a result of the bike being turned on during a hydrostatic lock is excluded. This is known as consequential damage.
  • Damages to the engine required as a result of corrosion caused due to delay in retrieving the bike from a waterlogged area.
  • Damages that occur when the rider is under the influence of intoxicating substances.

* Standard T&C Apply

These are some ways how an engine protection cover can help you during the times when the engine needs repairs. Thus, keeping it in mind, you must ensure to buy and make consistent two wheeler insurance renewal for continued coverage.

Also, note that insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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