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What To Do When Your Passport Is Lost: How To Claim


Today, a passport serves as both one of our most crucial travel documents and a reflection of our international travels. The stamps on our passport’s pages virtually symbolise the imprints we’ve made on the planet. It is our travel diary in a manner of speaking.

Now consider what would happen if you lost your passport while on vacation or, even worse, before you ever boarded your aircraft! No matter how attentive and mindful we are, these things occasionally occur. What, then, do you do in such circumstances? Fortunately, travel insurance could protect you if you secure your trip in advance.

Passport loss cover

If you lose your passport while travelling, a travel insurance coverage* benefit is that the company would pay for the costs of obtaining a replacement passport and a temporary one. No matter where you’re going, the same is covered as long as you’ve protected yourself with international travel insurance. *Standard T&C Apply.

When does this cover function?

Your travel insurance will pay for the costs of procuring a new passport from the Indian embassy in the nation you’re visiting if you lose yours while on vacation.

What should you do if you lose your passport?

It’s awful that your passport was lost! As soon as you become aware that your passport has been taken or lost, contact the police and ask for a formal police report. You can use the police report to obtain a duplicate passport or an emergency travel document from the Indian consulate or embassy that is most convenient after you have reported your lost or stolen passport.

You can contact your insurer company, and they may walk you through the process of getting an emergency passport or temporary one, including the location of the closest Indian embassy or consulate.

What is covered by travel insurance if a passport is lost while travelling?

The company would walk you through the procedure and cover the expense of getting a new passport if you lose your old one. The following costs may be reimbursed by filling a travel claim:

  1. The required fee paid to the relevant authorities at the scene of the loss for them to issue an emergency certificate allowing you to continue your trip or return to India.
  2. A set amount to cover additional costs you could spend to get the emergency certificate. The insurer may, for instance, pay for your cab trip to and from the Indian embassy or consulate. Just be sure to save the cab fare receipt.
  3. The application fee must be paid in full in Indian rupees to the relevant authorities in India to get a duplicate passport.

There are a few things you may do in advance of your trip to make sure scenarios that can happen easier:

  1. First, make photocopies of your passport and visa and store them somewhere from where you keep your actual passport. The documents can also be stored on your phone.
  2. Another helpful item is a list of all the Indian embassies and consulates’ contact information in each of the nations you will be travelling to.
  3. Finally, and most importantly, be sure to buy travel insurance well in advance of your trip to ensure safety if something happens. Travel insurance not only protects you if you lose your passport but also protects you against a wide range of other risks when you travel.

The topic of the solicitation is insurance. Please carefully read the sales brochure/policy wording before closing a deal for more information on advantages, restrictions, limitations, terms, and conditions.

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