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Augment Employee Efficiency with Creative Social Intranet


Creating Social Paths for Employees within the Company

Measuring the efficiency of a particular set of employees within the organization has always been a concern for employers.
Tracking their daily tasks, studying weekly submissions and analyzing quarterly report have become old age methods that still continue to run within the organization. But, this approach is simply meant to judge as what employee is doing in a company rather than understanding what exactly he is capable to do more in order to bring more productivity.
At this juncture, what you can find is our technically built creative social intranet software to let employees getting engaged into social yet productive conversation, share and post ideas, and comments and do whatever they like after finding a fully built employee dashboard.

From Company’s Perspective

Implementing the technical system of creative social intranet platform simply means creating a base for all the stuff to get engage, converse, share and post in order to know more about the company, running trends, analysis performance or even feel motivated to see inspired content as well.
Especially from organizations point of view, it is all about creating a social landscape within the company itself to let employees not to waste their time on other social platforms and rather getting engaged to an Employee dashboard that features plethora of information with the following few advantages:

  • Let Them Speak More: The way of letting us create technically advanced social intranet platform for your company is about measuring employee engagement by letting them converse freely with no hassle at all. Doing this, you are doing your part of improving their efficiency by looking at their ideas, post, comments and feedback.
  • Sharing News: It is not the sole responsibility of company’s superiors only to get the whole gist of organization news and events. Through the said platform, even middle and low-level management have the freedom not just to see company news but also share and comment on the same freely. Even same is in the case of spreading information related to new launches, company newsletters and other events.
  • Get the Most Out of Transparency: Transparency is something which is fully maintained on creative social intranet especially among employees that allows you to track their work reports, usual tasks and overall performance to see whether they are productive or not.

Ways that Actually Improve Employees Role through Creative Social Intranet

Now, that we have come to know about company’s advantages in creating social intranet system within the organization. In this section, focus is given on employees and their ways of improving themselves.

Liberty to Speak and Share

All that company wants is ideal collaboration and engagement of employees within the organization. But sharing viewpoints can be embarrassing on the part of stuff while sitting in a meeting. In order to beat that, our creative social intranet much like Facebook and other social platforms let employees to speak more freely, share personal ideas and get engaged to into one on one or group conversation. Since, the software features creation of company group departments, crafting and posting content from your side is not a hassle anymore.

Make Meaningful Contribution

Employees can have their eyes set on a vast pool of knowledge and ideas being posted by themselves or internal or external partners. Every type of content will be appreciated and surely liked by others that automatically reflect your improved and efficient side to employer.

Celebrating Events

One more advantage employees have with this system is a single stop platform to see staff’s birthdays and anniversary, share pictures of events and also turn up to other social happenings within the organization.

Feel like a Company’s Part

Most importantly, contributing towards social business system like this, you not get recognized at higher levels itself, but also seen as valuable employee for the company for whom the system is actually created separately.

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