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Get broadband, say goodbye to network issues


You will never face a network outage or slow speeds with the best broadband Internet connection from Airtel. Read on to know more.

There is scarcely a person in the country today who does not have a mobile phone. Lesser numbers have laptops and tabs to their name, while even lesser numbers have Smart TVs and expensive gaming consoles. But one factor unites them all: they are all on the Digital Superhighway, which is driven by the Internet.

And yet, though there are so many options for high speed Internet open to all of us, many of us continue to labour under slow connections that stutter and periodically shut down. This is often seen with dial up Internet connections for the home. It is time to switch over to the bright side if you’ve been suffering with slow Internet connections at home: get a broadband Internet connection and see the difference it makes to your daily study, surfing, movie and TV watching experience.

Why choose a broadband Internet connection for the home?

Today’s millennials are so used to broadband and Wi-Fi connections that they may find it unimaginable that there were other forms of Internet in use earlier. You may have been one of those who worked with dial-up connections, or who continue to do so. It is often a struggle to work peacefully using a dial-up Internet connection: you must disconnect the call to be able to connect to the Internet, and the speeds are always unsatisfactory.

In contrast, Internet broadband connections make more sense for the home, on many levels. First off, they offer extremely fast speeds and always-on connectivity. They are also quite cost effective, since they help you connect multiple digital devices on a single connection. You have the freedom to choose the broadband provider and the monthly or yearly plan, depending on your requirement and budget. Besides, you don’t need to disconnect a call to be able to connect to the Internet when you have a broadband connection.

The benefits of installing the best Internet broadband connection

Super-fast speeds: If you buy an Airtel Internet broadband connection, you get tremendously fast speeds with the highest upload and download data transmission. Based on the plan you buy, you can get anything between 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps speeds.

More cost effective: Instead of using individual mobile dongles for different laptops in the house, or getting personal SIMs for tabs and even using your phone’s data when at home, one single Internet broadband connectioncan suffice for all. This saves costs. Airtel broadband can connect up to 10 digital devices on one Internet broadband connection, from computers to gaming consoles, and mobile phones to tabs.

Multiple plans to choose from: Most broadband providers have just a few plans to offer, but Airtel broadband has at least 12 different plans, based on whether you take a monthly, six months or annual plan (refer to the illustration below, showing plans for Chennai). Each plan is thoughtfully designed to provide high speeds, high amount of data, data rollover, bonus data (for a limited time if you sing up now) and Amazon Prime subscription free for a year.

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