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General objectives of Contract Administrator Courses:


Contract Administrator Course is ideal for those who are engineering professionals, contract administrators for industrial projects, and engineering work. 

Professionals in training in the administration of contracts in industrial projects, engineering works, acquisition of goods and services. 

The executive and operational staff of the procurement, purchasing, monitoring, and inspection departments. Engineering, Construction, Administration personnel, and all those who maintain functional relationships with Contract Management. 

General objective:

Contract Administrator Courses are aimed at acquiring knowledge, technical concepts, and tools of an international – universal nature for the Comprehensive Administration of Contracts in order to guarantee that the construction of works and manufacture of goods. Also, the execution of services is performed optimally in terms of quality, time, and cost.

Specific objectives:

– Acquire tools and knowledge associated with the interpretation of contract management in terms of costs and physical progress.

– Learn about the contract management and control processes, actual versus planned expenses, actual versus planned physical progress.

– Know about the terms of the contract and its complexities, relevant aspects such as changes in the scope, renegotiation, revision of the contract, administrative closure, among others.

– Acquire knowledge and tools that allow early detection of cost, operational, and technical inconsistencies.

What are the benefits of Contract Administrator Courses?

– Compliance with the terms of the contract based on a coherent control and administration strategy, considering the characteristics and complexities of the contract.

– Maximizing the control and administration processes.

– Monitoring of relevant aspects ensuring levels of commitment.

– Tracking of actual spending with planned.

– Monitoring of the actual physical progress with the planned

– Minimizes the review of contracts that could favour the contractor.

– Maximizes the possibility of renegotiating contracts.

– Faced with possible scope changes, consistently, efficiently, and effectively executing the corresponding controls for the successful achievement of the contract.

– Terminating the administrative closing of the contract in a timely manner.

– Minimizing rework and any undesired impact caused by improper interpretation and/or application of contract management.

– Detecting and minimizing operational, technical, and cost inconsistencies.

About the Course:

In general, a weak standardization and low integration in contract management are observed, which causes an increase in the term of the contracts, weak budget and cost control, low control in the field, regulatory and legal ignorance and greater probabilities of incidents. Contract administrator courses provide a robust model for management in the contracting of company services.


Develop a management model for contracting services based on 4 basic pillars: cost control, alignment with production plans, quality improvement in the service provided to internal clients, and aligned with the company’s sustainable development programs.

This course will be developed in the face-to-face mode, which will allow us to know how to correctly apply the different normative or legal instruments that involve the administration of contracts in goods, services, works, and consulting. 

This knowledge will help the participants to carry out management Ethical and effective in the administration of contracts, according to current regulations.

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