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Bad Practices to Avoid While Using Air Conditioners at Home


In summer, air conditioners are lifesavers. However, the way you use it also makes a difference on its performance, maintenance and energy bills. According to a survey, majority of users throw money unnecessarily by using the units improperly.

Avoid bad practices while using air conditioner

Set & forget

Use air conditioner only when it is needed the most. Many people believe that it is better to let the unit running, when you go out rather than switching it off and on again when you return. This consumes lots of power. It is a wrong belief. Switch the AC off, when you leave the room or home.

Electronics near AC

Electronics emit heat therefore they need to be installed away from the AC unit. TV, stovetops, ovens, and stereos must be placed as far as possible. It will make the system work harder, which means consume more energy.

Allow vegetation and debris to invade

Outdoor AC unit like Lloyd needs to be kept clear. The condenser fins must be regularly brushed. If vegetation, leaves and dirt invade the outside unit regularly then install a screen around it. Moreover, a shade over the outdoor unit enables the AC to perform efficiently, especially during severe hot days.

Filter cleaning ignored

Filters take just ten minutes for cleaning. However, this is a task that majority of homeowners forget to do. Dirty filters compromise system’s efficiency and air quality. In addition, the unit works harder because air does not flow freely. Thus, more energy is consumed.

Set thermostat below 20°

In summer, people set thermostat at 18° to cool the room faster. Actually, this does not cool the room quickly. Same time is taken, if the system is set to 23° or 24°. Setting the thermostat to a low temperature just makes the unit work hard to maintain the temperature. Actually, setting the thermostat at cool temperature means high energy bills.

At a point, homeowners can suffer malfunction or breakdown of their air conditioner. Now, there are scenarios when it is wise to repair or replace. Ask yourself the questions given below and decide if your air conditioner needs a repair or replacement.

How old is the AC?

Air conditioner older than seven years with regular issues of breakdown means replacing is the best option. Finding replacement parts is also challenging for old systems. Currys PC World is the best ecommerce shop that sells world-class appliances and gadgets. Just visit their website to get an idea of the new models.

Is AC getting costly to operate?

Older model means low star ratings and can cost you more to operate. Even if its performance is good, technicians recommend new system because the cost will surely outweigh those of operating old, inefficient AC. Calculate how much you spend on current system and compare it with new split systems running costs.

What is your budget?

If you are tight on budget then have the current AC serviced or repaired. Never get tempted to invest on a cheap model because soon the running may turn out to be costly in terms of performance and efficiency.

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