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Grab Hires: Waste Removal Made Simple


An essential part of industrial-sized projects is an efficient waste removal system. Large-scale projects produce large-scale waste, and it can pile up quickly. Disposing of heavy-duty materials is a necessity from both an environmental and productivity standpoint. Here is a great site for finding out about waste management in the UK.

Professional and environmentally friendly disposal is sometimes challenging so how can you make sure that you are getting rid of excess material in an efficient manner?

What Does Grab Hire Mean Exactly?

New methods of waste removal continue to arise as the world grows more environmentally conscious and the efforts on both a domestic and commercial scale are at an all-time high. If your job site produces an impressive amount of waste, you can get rid of it efficiently without needing to sacrifice resources.

Grab hires use grab lorries to drive to your job site and collect waste. The grab lorry is a truck with a large skip attached and a long grab arm that scoops up waste and loads it in the back.

Grab lorries can travel directly to your site, making them an extremely convenient method of waste disposal and it doesn’t even require sorting on your part. There are many recycling companies in the UK that do all the sorting for you. With all elements of the disposal and recycling process taken care of, there is no reason not to responsibly dispose of all your hardcore waste.

What Kind of Waste Do Grab Hires Take?

Typically, a grab hire in Bedford will pick up all waste from your site, and the hydraulic arm allows the grab lorry to reach in some of the toughest places. Here are just some examples of the kind of waste that grab hires handle:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Soil
  • Concrete
  • Paper
  • Organic waste

What Happens to Waste After it Leaves the Site?

Pay attention to the company’s recycling habits. All of the above-mentioned materials are recyclable, and while this might not matter to some companies, others hold themselves to extremely high standards when it comes to recycling material.

In those cases, the grab lorry full of waste is taken to a treatment facility where everything is sorted and distributed. Some companies boast recycling rates upwards of eighty or ninety percent.

When you consider grab hires, look for companies that make genuine, aggressive attempts to severely limit the amount of waste that gets transported to a landfill. Too often, recycling companies perform at the bare minimum, but there are those that operate with higher efficiency.

Grab hires make disposing of waste a much more straightforward, worry-free process for contractors, and it is impossible to argue against this environmentally-friendly system. If a grab hire isn’t going to work for you for whatever reason, recycling companies typically offer a range of services, one of which is bound to meet all your disposal requirements.

Do some research about recycling facilities in your area and find the ones that are dealing with waste most responsibly. In a global effort to take care of the environment, this is an important step.

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