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Are You in the Market for a Desk for Your Office


An office desk is often the focal point or major accessory in an office design. Therefore, you must carefully make a selection when you are trying to decide on this style of the furnishing. Office desks today come in a wide variety of styles and colours. So, review the choices online and take your time.

Take a Careful Look at the Selections

For example, desks are offered that are height-adjustable or some desks are fashioned in reproduction styles. So, you not only have to assess the design but you need to consider where the desk will be placed and how it will be used. After all, the choice of the right desk can streamline your workflow and therefore enhance your productivity.

Some Questions to Ask and Answer

So, when you make a desk selection, consider how the desk will meet your needs. Is the size and style right for your workspace? Can the surface of the desk withstand the demands associated with the workday environment?

Assessing the Use of the Desk

In order to answer the above questions, then you need to determine, as mentioned above, how the desk will be used. For instance, if you use the computer a good deal, then you need to choose a desk that will meet this requirement. The desk should be primarily designed for computer use. Also, decide whether you will be using the desk for a laptop or PC.

Overhead Shelves and Cabinets

If you work with a good deal of papers, you may want to choose a desk that is better suited for this activity. That means you should select a desk whose surface is roomy and accommodating and will hold such items as voluminous books, massive spreadsheets, or important documentation. In this instance, it might also be worth your while to add overhead shelves and cabinets.

A Combination-Styled Work Arrangement

If you plan to use your desk for both your computer and paperwork, then you might want to consider an L-shaped type of desk. A U-shaped model is also a good choice. If you plan to add the desk in a home office, then you will want to base your decision on the work you do and the amount of space.

Determining the Size of the Workspace

When selecting a desk online, you also need to think about your workstyle habits and accessories. For example, do you consider yourself neat and organised or more creative and a bit messy? Naturally, if you are the organised type, you can get by with less surface space. However, if you tend to brainstorm and spread out your work, then you evidently need a more sizable workspace.

A Question of Ergonomics

Another important component in choosing a desk involves the ergonomics. For example, the desk that you choose should allow enough clearance for your legs. In most instances, the standard height of 76 cm will suffice.

Make Sure You Have Room to Move Around

When you are sitting behind a desk, you should also allow for a comfortable amount of room. Make sure that you have allocated enough space between your desk and another chair or furnishing. After all, you do not want to meet a client and shake his or her hand whilst he or she is bumping into the surrounding furnishings.

Where to Find Desks Online

You can get a better idea of the desks that are featured today by looking online at such sites as www.andrewsofficefurniture.com. Again, looking at the selections online can give you a better idea of what desk will suit your requirements.

Make Sure Your Work Tools Are Within Easy Reach

When choosing a desk, think too about the equipment you will be using on your desk. A desk should be designed so that your equipment and work tools are within easy reach. You should never load down the desk with materials.

Laminate Surfaces

If you will be using the desk extensively, you may want to consider a plastic laminate that overlays a wood core. This type of covering withstands more abuse than wood or veneer alone. You can also buy a laminate in one of an array of patterns and colours. If you really want to make sure that the desk is durable, choose a laminate that offers high-pressure resistance and is thick.

A Metal or Steel Desk

If you are more utilitarian in nature, you might want to consider a steel or metal desk. These types of desks are also affordably priced. Therefore, they are the ideal desk for a worker who plans to make full use of the furnishing. If your work environment features a good amount of traffic, then this type of desk can withstand the activity.

Elegant Desk Styles

More elegant desk styles feature a veneer layer or solid wood construction. Whilst these types of desks are definitely more attractive in appearance, they also are more delicate in design. Because they can get damaged more easily, they are not good choices for office areas that are heavily used.

Take a Look at the Drawers

When assessing the quality of a desk, take a good look at its drawers. The drawers of a desk should easily open and shut even when they are bearing the weight of a load. The drawers should also slide out completely to permit a full utilisation of space.

A Dovetail Construction

In order for wood drawers in a desk to be considered high-quality, they should be made with a dovetail construction. As a result, they are stronger than desks that are put together with glue or staples. Also, you should check the corners of the desk. Make sure that they are smooth and free of sharp corners in their design.

A Stand-up Desk

If you want to give your back a rest, then you might want to consider a stand-up type of desk. Because sitting for hours can impact the health of a person’s back, a good option is the stand-up desk. Many workers prefer this type of desk as it also makes them feel more productive and alert. Stools are featured that can be used with this type of desk as well.

Review Your Options Online

Regardless of what you eventually choose in a desk, make sure that the furnishing fits your work style and budget and meshes nicely with your working environment. Once more, take a look online. Fully assess your options so that you can find just the right desk for your budget and preferences.

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