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When to Utilise a Cattle Trailer


When shopping for a cattle trailer to help move your livestock from one location to the next safely, you have multiple choices from which to choose. You may choose a traditional 10’ X 5’ trailer large enough to hold just one or two average cows or you may choose a 14’ X 6’ trailer for easy hauling of multiple animals. Whatever your choice, this is the best way to ensure that your livestock is moved wherever you need to go without risk to their health, safety, or comfort, especially if you must make frequent trips with your livestock in tow.

Added Features

Cattle trailers may have a number of extra features added at a low additional price to ensure that you never find yourself unprepared after an emergency on the road. For example, you could choose to have a spare wheel fitted to the trailer, which can help you save hours of time after an incident on the road with a nail or any other type of hazard. A busted tire can leave you late to a critical appointment or event but having a spare on hand could keep you on schedule and relaxed.

If you plan to move cattle and sheep, you could choose to install either a cattle or sheep gate to ensure that all animals remain secure along the way. This will keep your livestock more secure on the road and reduce the potential risk of injury to the animal in the event of an accident. These trailers are constructed with extremely durable materials and strict standards, each put in place to ensure that you never need to worry about the loss of an animal except in the most extreme of cases.

Slurry pits may also be added to the trailer to ensure the easy removal and collecting of animal waste and other organic matter that can then be utilised as fertiliser for growing crops. Whether you plan to use the waste later or not, having a slurry pit should make keeping the trailer clean simpler and more convenient and it will make your job faster to complete. This is one add-on that many livestock owners consider a must and its low price will make it all the more appealing as a necessary feature.


Unless you only need to move your livestock a kilometre or two down the way, having a cattle trailer on hand will make relocating them far simpler. No matter the reason for the move, it will ensure the safety and security of the animal while keeping your interests covered in the long run. This is especially important due to the sheer cost of replacing a cow or sheep after a loss, which can be devastating to those running small farms or on an otherwise limited budget.

Trailers are a commonplace sight for those driving through the country and having one on hand, even if you only utilise it on occasion, will keep your farm running smoothly. You work hard and a trailer could make it possible to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

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