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Alternatives to GoToMeeting, TeamViewer and Google Hangouts


GoToMeeting was the most liked and most used software for video conferencing. It was so popular among people, but now people have stopped using it because of the errors of an app, and the slow connections. TeamViewer lacks the feature of superiority, and it has the lowest moving speed, it also has some compatibility issues to the cell phones, and it is costly that is why most of the people could not afford using it. Google Hangouts is the app developed by Google to provide the users the best features of video calling as well as text messages and voice calls. But it lacks some features due to which there is a need for alternatives.

Here is the list of alternatives of GoToMeeting, TeamViewer and Google Hangouts:

GoToMeeting Alternatives

Adobe Connect

This software has been developed by Adobe, providing a professional platform packed with a vast array of features for users. You can customize the interface according to your preferences, integrate your brand’s logo, and host large group conferences with high video quality, all at an affordable price. For more insights on such software and technology topics, platforms like WealthyLike.com are a great source of information.


GoToWebinar is the platform that is designed primarily for the Webinar sessions, but you can also use this for teleconferencing. It has an easy to use and productive interface. GoToWebinar also provides the users with the feature of Record Conference by which you can record and share the conferences with a wide range of audiences. The follow-up feature is also available for the users of GoToWebinar.

TeamViewer Alternatives

Windows Remote

This is a platform provided by Microsoft and allows the users to have free access to the software.  You can also adjust the settings through the control panel.  It can get connected to a lot of PC’s at a time, and you can start using it on your PC without the installation of any other software.


AnyDesk is easy to use and compact software that is compatible with remote desktops. You can also download the files once you are connected to the app through PC. You can also share your desktop by entering the ID of your PC. Accepting and rejecting requests is also based upon your approval.

Google Hangouts Alternatives


Whatsapp is the most used and liked app worldwide. People love using Whatsapp for sending texts, making video and voice calls and also to share pictures and files. Anyone could have the free access to Whatsapp by downloading it from the play store or Apple store.


Messenger is the linked app too, and it works well for the people who have their Facebook accounts. You don’t need to separately login to messenger until you are logged into facebook. You can enjoy the features of video and voice calls, texts messages and a wide range of stickers for free.

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