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The Role Of Social Media For Dentists In Increasing Patient Numbers


Social media for dentists is a valuable tool for digital dental marketing and can help improve the success of your dental practice significantly. If you want to attract new patients then you need to speak to your dental marketing team and find out more about social media for dentists. Social media for dentists helps you widen your audience and stay in touch with them on an informal basis without having to invest a huge amount of money. Most dental practices have social media pages. Therefore you need to find out about social media for dentists sooner rather than later so that you are in keeping with current trends and so that you do not lose new patients to your competitors. Here in Australia nearly all adults have at least one social media account. It is a great way of letting potential patients and existing patients know who you are, teaching them good dental hygiene in a fun and interactive way, and making dental health education more informal and more accessible for all.

Rather than patients having to visit your website and actively seek information about you and your dental practice and the treatments and procedures that you have to offer, you will automatically come up on their feed if you are producing new content on a regular basis. In this way you can slowly nurture a relationship with the patient until they are confident enough to visit you in person or realise that they require the treatments and procedures that you have to offer.

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Which platforms and what content?

You can use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to present yourself as a dentist and present your dental practice. YouTube and Tiktok are also becoming more popular with dentists showing themselves carrying out different treatments and procedures, as well as dental health education videos to encourage patients to take up your services. You can use social media to present your portfolio, patient reviews of your work and share as much dental health education as you can in an interesting manner. You can let patients know which areas of dentistry you specialise in. For example on your social media account, you may wish to focus on cosmetic dental treatments, or if you are specialising in orthodontics, then you may wish to focus on teeth straightening and how you have helped patients to straighten their teeth.

If you are working alone, then you may wish to share parts of your personal life alongside your work, so that patients feel like they can relate to you and get to know more about you.  They will be interested in you, try to find out more about you and they will want you to look after their teeth. This includes sharing voluntary work that you may be carrying out in the community, fun activities that you may do in your spare time and even your own dental health journey.

Speak to a specialist digital dental marketing team today, who can help you with social media for dentists. It will help you draw in new patients, grow your reputation and encourage more patients to look after their teeth and visit the dentist more often. If you do not have a social media account, then remember, this is a missed opportunity. If you feel you do not have the confidence to present yourself, then there are different ways that you can use social media which may be more suited to you. You may not want to be in front of the camera, but you can always be behind the camera, sharing your excellent patient reviews, video testimonials, feedback, letters or cards that your patients may have given you in recognition of your work. You may wish to use your social media page as a portfolio of your work, so that people can see what you are capable of, showing off your skills and expertise, encouraging patients to imagine and want to find out about how you can help improve their teeth. Most importantly, sharing dental healthcare advice will help encourage people to look after their teeth and visit the dentist more often, which is highly necessary especially here in Australia, where dental health is still an issue, especially in comparison to other similar countries. By offering dental health education, you can help promote better dental health in the country.

Speak to a specialist digital dental marketing team today and decide which social media platforms you wish to utilise, this can be as few as many as you like, encourage the public to look after their teeth, increase patient numbers at your dental practice, increase revenue and enjoy the benefits of social media.

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