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10 Smart Ways to Market Your Brand Online: Budget-friendly Digital Marketing Hacks


Digital Marketing is an undoubtedly an integral part of your marketing strategy to promote your brand. There are lot of ways to market your product or brand where some of them require large investments like Billboard marketing, television advertising or more. Here are these 10 smart ways to market your brand or product online within limitation or even no-budget.

  1. Establish your business website

Branding starts from business website where you portray your product, your vision and even attract direct sellers through the traffic. Go for some reliable hosting service like Hosting.co.uk to buy domain and hosting package. If required, get help or hire some freelancer for website development and make it more relevant and visually appealing for target users.

  1. Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most promising social media hubs for targeting the users with more personal persuasion and approach. Post regular content around your product and use graphics such as pictures, videos and others to connect. You can also go for facebook ads which are quite reasonable and great traffic driver.

  1. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a perfect visually-driven platform for digital marketing which is even more connecting than facebook at some aspect. Use Instagram marketing to speed up the process with feeding exciting content. You can use same marketing campaign to run advertising on Instagram as well as facebook.

  1. Twitter marketing

Twitter is so much different but upscale where you can target to bigger community including celebrities around the world. It is much more panoramic world to catch on with your product. Twitter allows you to directly speaks to people in all level of communities.

  1. Email Marketing

More personal and direct form of marketing which is so powerful and result-driven if used strategically and without getting spammed, is Email Marketing. All you need is be relevant, visually-appealing and regular but not repetitive with mails.

  1. Video Marketing

Probably most advanced form of marketing where you can get your brands filmed as promotional videos, adverstiments and other narrative pitches. You can also have your own Youtube Channel sharing about your brand updates and stories.

  1. PPC Advertisement

PPC advertisement is 100 percent assured adverstiments strategy in terms of costing and results. It stands for Pay Per Click which means you only will be charged when being clicked. So, at least no loss!

  1. Generate Traffic through Pinterest

Pinterest has become a great traffic driver for websites where you are suppose to share high-quality and exciting pictures with your links. It will make your product more seen to the world.

  1. Influencer Marketing

In the world of social media stars and Youtube celebrities, people listen and influenced by high ranking personalities on web. So connect to them with your product and persuade or deal with them to advertise your product on their respective platforms.  

  1. Content Marketing

Most important and visionary strategy which works for long time is getting content on your website to attract viewers on your page and turn them into a potential lead and eventually a buyer.

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