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Top Five Experimental Event Strategies in 2020


In this digital age, for meetings and events to be viable, an element of the experience is required to keep people engaged and make outcomes of the conference successful. These experimental strategies not only adhere to large scale events but should be used in the most straightforward meetings.

So what exactly does experimental strategy mean? In an experimental approach to the event, each element is designed on the way to help attendees interact and learn in unconventional and innovative ways. The experimental approach is all about immersing people in live event experiences.

5 Experimental Ways to Address your Event

If you are aiming to keep your attendees engaged, entertained, and interested in your event, there is one most important thing to consider: Experience! Experimental events are about creating opportunities for people to engage. On that note, here are the most popular strategies emerging in the event industry.

Offer Immersive Experience

There is nothing more experimental than an immersive entertainment experience for the people. For a fully immersive experience, fully commit to an experimental strategy and make sure all the stakeholders are on board with your idea. Use workshops, panel talks, and conversations to encourage attendees to not only participate but also learn and network.

One famous example of this is HBO Escape Rooms at SXSW. It is a popular game where a group of people is locked inside and have to escape by finding clues and solving puzzles. These escape rooms were based on famous shows of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, and Veep. It gave people to be a part of an immersive experience and brought their fictional narratives to life.

Mike Shea, Partner at SXSW, says, “Events are experimental by nature, people attend SXSW to be immersed in live and in-person networking, deal-making, enlightenment, and entertainment.” He also says that companies are seeking out “experimental activations that not only promote their brand but add value to the attendee experience.” So, get in touch with event management professionals for hosting event of the century for your audiences.

Appeal to the Senses

As human beings, our experiences involve our sense of touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. You cannot isolate one from the other. Over time, psychological studies have revealed that sensory stimulation plays a great role in memory formulation. Hence, successful events have used this strategy of creating a sensory experience to reinforce branding and increase overall customer experience.

Here are a few ways to integrate these five senses in your events:

  • Stage design that moves beyond presentations and is a feature in itself.
  • Use 3D Scenic panels, widescreens, and digital banners for visual appeal.
  • Use projection mapping to create visual illusions for content delivery.
  • Use complementary textures to evoke a sense of touch, e.g., rugged furniture with soft plush velvet chairs.
  • Use 3D sound effects for an immersive experience.
  • Use scented candles and oil diffusers to activate the sense of smell.
  • Rich flavour and aromatic food to activate taste receptors.

Martin Lindstorm, a brand consultant, says that your brand impact increases by 70% when you successfully integrate all the senses in your brand image. The event industry is more focused on taking the audience on a journey by stimulating their senses and creating a multisensory experience. Therefore, it is recommended to consult corporate event management companies in Dubai to harness the full potential of 5 senses to captivate your attendees.


Make sure your events are exclusive. Instead of going with only one or two speakers, have a stage full of iconic speakers from all over the world to share ideas. This way, your event becomes different from your competitors because you offer an exclusive experience that cannot be accessed anywhere in the world.

Your attendees get a chance to interact and learn from world-renowned professionals in every industry under one platform. Therefore, make sure to go for a prolific line-up that other people cannot offer. This way, your attendees will be more than willing to pay for this exclusive experience to network with like-minded people and potential clients.

Align with Eco-friendly Initiatives

2020 has brought us closer to our environment as people understand the troubling aspect of global warming and our effect on planet earth. Therefore, individuals tend to praise companies who take initiatives to decrease their carbon footprints. So attendees are always on a lookout for events that align with their environmental values.

Here are some smart ways to make your events green.

  • Hire the right partners for your event that practice sustainability.
  • Keep distance and transportation in mind and opt for a group public transportation option.
  • To remove potential waste from events, go paperless, and use digital gadgets like kiosks and tablets for ticketing.
  • Reduce energy consumption by using LED lights.
  • Have a proper waste management system in place.
  • Instead of packed individual lunches, go for food stands to minimize food wastage.

Many companies and hotel chains are going green and portraying strong corporate social responsibility. For example, last year, Hilton announced the removal of plastic straws from its 650 international properties to reduce its global impact by half.

Be Tech-Savvy

The year 2020 brought in a new surge in technological advancements with endless waves of applications, and digital innovations. Imagine the whole stage coming to life right before your eyes. Now that is something no one would forget. You can easily achieve that through 3D Projection mapping that can bring ordinary objects at your events like floor, tables, and stage to life.

Here are a few ways to integrate technology into your events to attract attention and captivate your attendees:

  • RFID passes for streamlining entry process and minimize costs.
  • Facial recognition for security and a more personalized experience.
  • Live Streaming and Live translation.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Areas.
  • Charging areas for better networking.

Challenge Conventional Event Trends!

Instead of opting for typical meetings and presentations in conventional conference halls, follow these trends to create something new and offer an incredible experience for clients. The hard work will be paid off when you get to see the look of delight and surprise on people’s faces.

Let us challenge ourselves this year and get creative!

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