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Tips to successfully manage your Local Listing


You must have heard of big and famous online directories like Bing, Yahoo, Google, Yelp and many more. But what are these for? How can they help in promoting your business? How are they useful for your marketing?

These sites are some of the most popular local listing websites. Local listing websites are an important part of your web presence. They help users search for your business to find information across search engines, maps, and online directories. These are online portfolios of your business that provide the search users with information like your name, address, directions to your store, contact number, working hour, etc. Most of these platforms are free to use for both the businesses and search users. But the businesses have to take all the initiative in manually filling all the information across various platforms accurately and to claim their business.

To ensure accurate information across the various listing services, you need the help of a Local Listing Management services provider. Some of best practices to help you organize your local listing strategy are listed below:

  1. Focus on Top directories

The first thing to do when you start with local listing is to focus on prominent directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YellowPages, WhitePages, Yelp, GlassDoor etc. You can add your business details to as many sites as possible but starting with the most popular ones will help you in getting the process more tactical.

  1. Consistent

Consistent and correct information will not online enhance your online presence but also will be very helpful for potential customers. Search engines favor consistency across the web. You should make sure that all the details about your business are listed in the exact same format across all the directories including the use of abbreviations, business names, address formats etc.

  1. Post attractive images of your business

Adding visuals make your listing more effective by 42%. Be sure to upload images of your products, and services to add visual representation to your local listing It is highly recommended that you add few images of the exterior of your business as it will help your customers and potential customers recognize your storefront easily.

  1. Encourage your customers to drop a review

The best marketing for your business is word of mouth. You can encourage your customers to share their positive experiences regarding your business across various listings. The listings with more positive feedbacks make a better impact on the users than the listings without any reviews. Many stores offer gifts and discounts for the customers who drop positive feedbacks on these channels. Always respond to these reviews and feedbacks quickly as it will encourage others to involve and take part in the conversation.

  1. Keep them updated

Presenting the updated and most accurate information on the listings is very important. When, anything about your business changes, don’t forget to update the information immediately across all the platforms. Keep all your local listings up to date to avoid any conflicting information to be presented to your leads and local searches.

Local listing Management should be your top priority as local listing websites are important components of your web presence and up to date, accurate and consistent information will help you boost the chances of your business to appear in local search results.

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