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Tips for Setting up Your Restaurant Kitchen


If you’re new to the restaurant business, you should know that you’ve chosen a difficult path. You’re going to need to make a profit in the first six months; otherwise, your restaurant might fail. You’ve probably developed your business plan already and you might feel confident about it. You might have even picked out the location to lease and you’ve probably thought about the décor and other aesthetics that you’d like to create for guests dining in your restaurant. It’s easy to think about the guest’s experience but there’s one thing that restaurant owners often forget to consider. It’s all about the food.

Subsequently, it’s important for your cooks to have everything that they need to cook anything from appetisers to desserts. The kitchen, believe it or not, is the most important part of your restaurant. But setting up a kitchen isn’t always very cost-effective and you might question whether everything you’ve planned on buying is actually necessary. If you’re in desperate need of a better way to set up your kitchen, you should know about some resources that can help you save money and make your kitchen more efficient.

Design for Workflow

Short-order cooking isn’t always easy. While you can get a lot of things done on the same grill, there are still plenty of other appliances that you’re going to need, such as a large stove. But before you start thinking about ways to save money on appliances, you’re going to need to design your kitchen. Start thinking about the types of entrees that you’d like to serve.

If you’re starting a burger restaurant, for instance, you should consider the steps it takes to make a great burger. What’s the first step to making a burger? Probably cooking the meat, right? Then be sure that your griddle or grill is the priority when it comes to the kitchen. And if you need to accompany your burgers with fries, you can make sure to place the fryer in a different area to keep it out of the way of the griddle.

By designing your kitchen around the kind of food that you’ll be making, you’ll give your cooks the opportunity to create a routine so that they can cook quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Find Cheap Appliances

Once you’ve thought about the design, you should make a list of all the appliances that you’re going to need. By making a list of all your appliances, you can begin to do research on appliance prices. Remember that you’ll need appliances for more than just cooking. You’ll need an industrial fridge to keep your perishable ingredients cool, for instance. You’ll need a strong dishwasher so your staff can clean dishes quickly and get them back into rotation. Butler Equipment commercial dishwashers for sale are a great option if you need a powerful dishwasher.

Look for used equipment and online appliance retailers. You’ll find the best prices online and a lot of online appliance retailers can even provide shipping or delivery to your restaurant. By designing your kitchen with the workflow in mind and by finding affordable appliances, you’ll be able to give your cooks the kitchen that they need to make great food.

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