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The Top 5 Highest-Grossing CBD Products on the Market Today


It is always important to carry out proper market research when you are looking for information on how to sell CBD online. Because the CBD industry is still young, it may not be easy to find unique products that offer the quality that you would like.

If you have developed an interest in selling CBD online, then you must know that price is a marker of quality in this industry. For example, a CBD oil selling for under $40 but claims to have a 100-milligram potency has a high chance of not being pure–which means it cannot be sold in most states in the U.S.

Whatever your interest is, whether selling CBD or looking for a trustworthy CBD product to ease your pain, it is always useful to know the best-selling products out there. In this article, you will find some of the highest-grossing CBD products in the market today.

1. Charlotte’s Web Rebalance Bundle

Charlotte’s Web Rebalance Bundle is a good starting point for newcomers who are still stuck trying to find what CBD products work well for them. This product includes 30-days’ worth of extra strength CBD capsules.

Each serving contains 35 milligrams and is designed for targeted relief. The package also includes a five-minute journal designed to help you kickstart your CBD wellness journey. This can be an ideal starting point for sellers looking to get into the holistic side of the CBD industry.

2. Firstly CBD Infused Bath Salts

Firstly CBD Infused Bath Salts is formulated to help deal with tired, stressed-out bodies as well as aches and soreness which can result from an intense workout session. This product is made from a soothing blend of lavender, clay sage, and lemon and contains 50 milligrams of CBD. It also offers a more potent experience than traditional Epsom salts, making it perfect for those under a lot of stress or physical pain.

3. Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum

Designed for the promotion of calm and growing skins, Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum is infused with 500 milligrams of CBD. Its contents include floral botanicals such as rosemary, sandalwood, rosehip, and geranium. All aid in the restoration of a bright and balanced silk-smooth complexion. The beauty serum also helps in fighting inflammation and skin redness.

4. MedTerra CBD Monthly Wellness

Marketed as a relief for women dealing with period pains and cramps, the MedTerra CBD Monthly Wellness capsules are made of 25 milligrams of pure CBD mixed with valerian root, a touch of caffeine, and a cramp bark formulated to soothe cramps and pains resulting from periods. It is most effective for females who would rather stay away from pain medications during their monthly cycle.

5. South Seas Skincare Pineapple Express Joint Balm

The soothing balm helps in dealing with muscle aches and joint pains arising from workouts, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and other bodily aches. It contains 150 milligrams of CBD infused with coconut oil and shea butter which are necessary for moisturizing and soothing the skin. It’s a great all-around product that can be perfect for those looking for a standard offering for their business.

While making your choice of CBD products for your consumption, do ensure to consult with your health practitioner for advice on how to go about it, especially for individuals who are just trying out the products for the first time.

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