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The effective use of platform lifts


Platform lifts are becoming increasingly more popular with various industries. They are used most commonly for commercial and industrial applications, allowing your business to suit the needs and requirements of your customers.

Level Lifts are home to an extensive range of versatile platform lifts that can easily be adapted to your surroundings. Installing one of Level Lifts platform lifts will allow you to provide access for those with disabilities.

User friendly.

Using platform lifts has never been simpler. Level Lifts have developed a range of platform lifts for wheelchair users that’s especially accommodating, allowing users to travel safely and comfortably.

Open vertical platform lifts are suitable for making an area more accessible. These allow wheelchair users to reach various levels rather than being limited to the ground floor.

The capacity of the lift varies, depending on the type of lift you require. All lifts provided by platform lift suppliers are designed to offer high capacity and suit the specific requirements of service users.


Platform lift suppliers, Level Lifts, have designed a complete range for you to choose from; including the Easylift, LR900 and Flexstep. These are all part of the collection for open vertical platform lifts. If installed efficiently, the platform lifts will provide disabled people with a safer alternative to negotiating stairs.

Additionally, platform lifts aren’t only used for providing wheelchair access, they can be used industrially. Rather than lifting heavy goods by hand, a platform lift can take the weight, preventing any accidents or injuries occurring.


Within the warehouse, platform lifts can be installed to transport materials efficiently. If your warehouse manufactures a diverse range of products, you’ll want to install a platform lift, like the goods lift available at LevelLifts. A lift can increase your company’s productivity and work efficiency as well as reducing the risk of injury.

If you’re looking for a less time-consuming alternative to handling products by hand, you should consider the effectiveness of Level Lifts platform lifts!


Admittedly, platform lifts are used to make it safe, however, they can also be used to complement the environment, making it more professional and valuable.

Level Lifts design their open vertical platform lifts and goods lifts to be sturdy and hardwearing, if they are to be installed in a public environment, it’s inevitable that they’ll be used by countless people every day!

If you’re worried about the platform lifts taking up valuable space, the platform lifts are non-invasive and follow a consistent theme.

Why choose Level Lifts?

Level Lifts have over 20 years of experience, offering an abundance of knowledge and expertise. The platform lifts are an ideal solution for escalators, they are less space invasive and more efficient.

The highly skilled workforce provides high-quality products that are affordable for an array of needs and wants.

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