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Online Screening Solutions for Employers


Hiring people today can be a bit hit and miss, and with every applicant desperate for the position, some are likely to bend the truth a little when giving a potential employer information about themselves. While this might be a good idea from the employee’s perspective, it can cause many problems for the employer, and hiring the wrong person can be very costly in more ways than one. If you are looking to recruit new staff and would like to be sure of the applicant’s integrity, there are online agencies who can carry out a number of background checks on your behalf.

Criminal Background Checks

These are now called Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, and if you are about to hire a key member of staff, it makes sense to verify whether they have ever been convicted of a crime. There are online agencies that carry out discreet DBS check tracking, and for what it costs, it can give you peace of mind, in knowing that the new employee is honest and has integrity.

Pre-Employment Checks

If you would like to know if a person is telling the truth about their employment history, there is a discreet way to find out, with reliable, government approved agencies that specialise in this kind of work. They can easily verify the previous employment, the position held, and the length of tenure, and can also check the authenticity of residential addresses. As unpleasant as it might be, there are dishonest people out there, and they do not advertise the fact, and some will go to great lengths to appear a morally sound individual with a good history. It is for this reason it makes sense to invest a small amount to check whether this person is telling the complete truth about themselves and their history. A jail term is hardly likely to impress a potential employer, so the applicant will not want to mention this, and may even fabricate a reason why their employment records shows a period of inactivity, which is why it is a good ideal to have these checks carried out.

Volunteer Workers

Often, unpaid workers are in a position of trust and might be working with children, or the disabled, and if you would like to carry a DBS check, it is free of charge for any volunteer worker. Volunteer workers would be checked for a criminal record, and there are other checks that can be made, depending on the employer’s needs.

Fast Results

By using a registered agency, you can make an online application, and by following the steps, you can usually receive your certificate within 2 or 3 working days. A DBS check would take longer, and would typically take a few weeks, as the applicant must fill in the forms, submit them to the employer, who then forwards them to the agency.

The employment market is healthy at the moment and it makes sense to check all potential employees for a criminal record or a dubious background, only then can you be sure you are about to hire an honest and hardworking individual.

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