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Matrix Power: The Best Electrical Power System Support Specialists.


An electrical power system comprises a network of electrical components installed to transfer, supply, and use electric power. A good example is the electrical grids used to supply electric energy to homes and companies within a given area. Matrix Power company are specialists in different electrical power systems support and works to their best to ensure customer satisfaction. Are you in the UK and looking for an electrical power system support specialist to do the connection, maintenance, or any other electrical work? Matrix Power limited is here to serve you to satisfaction. Here is a review of the services offered at Matrix Power company.

Why is Matric Power the Best Electrical Power System Support Specialist in the UK?

Matric power limited has a full in-house workforce of expert engineers, cable jointers, field technicians, and cable installers. This provides reassurance of customer satisfaction who ant perfect results. Matrix power is an independent company, flexible, and they serve their client when and where they need their services with accuracy. Additionally, matrix power has a great reputation in the industry, having worked successfully with many organizations.

What Services are Offered by Matrix Power

1.Cable Installation, Jointing, and Containment

Matrix power carries out complete in-house service for their client. They do cable installation for various power distribution systems from 415voltages to 33kv$11kvs. To ensure quality installation services, matrix power design some cable containment systems, including cable trees and ladder- racks. Cable termination and jointing is another service you will enjoy from these experts on all cable sizes. Cable faults are a common setback during cable installation and would lead to loss of customer trust. We have a great team of professionals in matrix power who will identify, locate, and correct the issue perfectly.

2.Civil Works

With a competent team of in-house workforce, Matrix Power can deliver civil works to clients. They can design sub-stations, transformer pens, and deliver trenching and road crossing needs to their clients. To help save clients the burden of planning and designing these projects, the Matrix Power team does all this and can deliver DNO standard substation projects to their customers. They are cost-effective and always work with high precision to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

3.Maintenance and Emergency Response

Electrical systems must have maintenance plans set in place to ensure they are in serviceable and reliable condition. At Matrix Power, we can set up a maintenance plan for our clients to allow smooth operations. Regular maintenance allows for the early detection of faults in the systems, eliminating downtimes and other adverse effects. Additionally, Matrix Power ltd is a member of the National Equipment Defect Reporting Scheme (NEDeR), a scheme that identifies defaults in the power systems that occur regularly and is threatening operations’ safety.

4.Provision of System Management

Electricity at work regulations requires organizations with HV systems to have an authorized and experienced company designated for its maintenance. Matrix Power company are the best contracts who work with customers satisfaction and heart and deliver exceptional quality services. By contacting matrix power, they become your official HV system operators and gives you a chance to meet the legal standards regulating power systems.

In summary, Matrix Power company is the best to work with regarding electrical power system supports. They have a full in-house expertise workforce. They offer cost-friendly services to their customers, and with a great reputation in work, one is assured of quality services.

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