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Investing In Diamonds? Here Is What You Need To Know


Diamonds are the most increasingly preferred stone by girls over many years. The conversation focuses on diamond colour always results in colourless diamonds that appear with a rich look.

But now with time, things have changed pink diamonds are highly in demand It is due to their exceptionally rare nature. The majority of investment consultants state that investing in this type of diamond is a great idea. These category diamonds are supplied limitedly, which results in a raised level of price throughout the year.

Valuable information about diamonds

Coloured diamonds possess the equivalent crystalline structure like that of colourless diamonds, and they appear rarely. Roughly a scenario of 1 of 10,000 diamonds appears coloured.

Diamonds available in more than 300 colours recognised in an unlimited number of hues. The famous colours include yellow, pink, blue, and green. Pink colour considered as extremely rare diamond due to its lucrative lustre and rare natural building process.

The colour of the diamond is the prominent factor that decides the value of the diamond examining additional attributes.

Diamonds rated with D or E colour scale considered as a rare and most wanted diamonds in the world. Diamond investment support millionaire to spend amount for long term investment. They also motivate people to undergo research on precious stones.

Secrets of rare colour diamonds

Pink-coloured diamonds are available in a broad range from light to fancy. The highest grade of this type of diamond is vivid.

GIA report offers a clear picture line about the colour grading information of the diamond.

The process of distinguishing the exact shade of the pink-coloured diamonds seems challenging. As this type of diamonds typically possess a second colour and resemble to be brown, pink or an orangey-pink.

The two-colour pinks highly favoured over the single-coloured diamonds.

A wise investment decision on the purchase of diamonds

Comprehend the information about the pink-coloured diamonds and spend the right amount of price for purchase.

Perform the quality check and obtain the certificate of the diamonds for assuring checking.

Purchase the diamond by considering 4Cs such as clarity, cut, carat, and colour. When a person intends to purchase a 0.94-carat diamond does not appear much different than the 1.00 carat quality of the stone.

Fancy diamonds exhibit a difficulty to identify the clarity of the coloured diamonds. The colour of the diamond rated more significance than the cut. The increased presence of colour, then the clarity is less considerable.

Rare stones of 0.73-carat diamond roughly valued around £22,000 in the case of light whereas in the case of bright pink the diamond rated as £65,000 (Prices may vary depending on the market value)

Pink-coloured diamonds are precious stones with expensive auction prices started from the majority of the financial journals. The returns earned by the diamonds are comparatively higher over the years 2018 to 2021. These diamonds preserved safely in rich velvet cushioned surroundings by the certified jewellery companies. Thus these diamonds preferred widely by the customers to make better investments undoubtedly.

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