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How Transcription Services Can Help Improve Your Next Conference


Although a lot more companies are aware nowadays of the benefits of filming their conferences, a lot are still falling behind the times when it comes to making the most of this untapped resource and how they can use it to its full advantage.

Most business that records their conferences do so with the intention of maybe using it as a reference or training resource for the future, for historical purposes or to live stream the event but this alone means there are missed opportunities.

An accurate, well-executed and written text transcription of speeches, discussions, Q&A’s and keynote speakers is a great way to engage with the audience after the event, aid journalists and the press and reach out and make connections with people who were unable to attend.

Here are some ways in which having your next conference recorded and transcribed into a text document can help your business.

No Notes Necessary

For attendees at a conference, the day can be full to the brim of information, content and ideas which is great but overwhelming and hard to take in. The best part of going to hear someone speak is to listen, really listen to what they are saying, which can be hard to do when you are trying to take detailed notes.

For this reason, some people may choose not to take notes but then they are left struggling to recall some of the great content they heard that day and any influence, knowledge or inspiration that they gained quickly dissipates.

Being able to inform guests at the beginning of your conference that a full, transcribed document will be sent to them following the event is not only extremely professional but allows your audience to fully engage, relax and enjoy the conference.

Share with Absent Attendees

At every conference, there will be people who wanted to but were unable to attend or in some cases, businesses will not be able to send all relevant employees and so they will be relying on the ones that do attend to relay important information to others.

Having a written document of the speeches and discussions at the event means that those who couldn’t make it can still benefit from the valuable content and employees can easily share the information with their colleagues.

Having everything in text form also makes it much easier for people to be able to watch or read at work without the use of headphones and where required they can search for keywords to skip to important sections of interest.

This is also a great way to create a smart marketing package with a nicely printed or well-formatted PDF of the transcription along with promotional items, contact details and a personalised email or note that can be sent out to key clients or sought after executives that didn’t attend.

The Press

If it’s a big conference or event that lasts over a number of days, then there can often be journalists covering it who have to create an interesting and informative piece of content for their website or publication.

By having a full transcript of the event at hand for attending media, you will provide them with a helpful tool, encouraging positive relationships with the press and increasing the likeliness of good coverage of your event.

Social Media and Online Presence

To maximise the exposure of your conference, text transcriptions can be used to extract quotes, snippets, phrases and excerpts to be used in promotional social media posts as well as easily adding subtitles to the videos if you wish to use them online. This makes them more accessible for the hearing impaired and more likely to be watched by the audience who are unable for whatever reason to listen with the sound on. This can work particularly well for things like LinkedIn videos.

Having a written, text-based transcript of your conference also makes it a lot easier for search engines to find your content which increases your chances of reaching potential customers and relevant people within your industry.


If your target audience isn’t limited to just those who can speak English then transcribing your conferences is a great way to be able to provide easily translated content which can help you to access a much wider, global audience.

With professional, reliable corporate transcription services, you will be able to maximise the reach, exposure and success of every conference to help create a productive and cost-effective way to attract new opportunities for your business.

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