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How to Digitise Your Business


If you have been running your business for a while, you have probably built up a large amount of paper. Many business around the world are moving towards digital documentation for just about everything. When you go to many different businesses, you can have your receipts emailed to you. Many bank statements and other forms are emailed to you instead of sent to you via the post. However, there are still many businesses that send you paper documentation. Also, you might have paper documentation from before many businesses digitised. It can be very difficult to search through and organise documents that are in paper form. You have to put them in large filing cabinets and search through them by hand. When compared with the ease of searching through digital documents, it can be incredibly laborious.

Bugs and Storms

Beyond the difficulty of searching through and storing large numbers of paper documents, there are also some dangers. If your documents are in paper form, they are susceptible to storms and other kinds of damage. Many people keep their files in stacks in the basement. However, if your basement floods, all of your documents could be destroyed. You need some way to backup your documents. Furthermore, your documents could actually attract bugs. Many different kinds of paper serve as food for bugs. Specifically, cardboard boxes are particularly attractive to many different kinds of pests. The glue that holds the cardboard together and the pockets of air in the corrugation make them desirable food sources. You need to digitise your business to keep such an example from being a problem in the future. A scanning services provider will scan your paper documents into digital form so you can protect your business.

Scanning PDFs

The most common result of a scan is a PDF. Portable Document Format was designed so that it could replicate the look and function of paper documents. A PDF looks like a photograph of a sheet of paper. You can rotate it, highlight certain sections, and much more. There are even some programs that allow you to search through the documents word by word. These word-reading programs have achieved their most prominence because they are used by newspapers to digitise their back issues. If you want to make your documents easily searchable, you need to also install a word-reading program. Alternately, you can label each document something indicative that you’ll be able to search through.

Digitising your documents will also allow you to spread them out so they are not vulnerable to being lost. You could upload your documents to the cloud, so that they are saved on several different servers. Also, you can download your documents to USB drives, or share them digitally between your employees and different computers.

Digitised documents are a space-saving and time-saving strategy to protect your documents and modernise your business. A modern business needs to be adaptable and digital, and scanning your documents into digital form will allow you to do that and much more.

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