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How to Design a Website for Jewelers


The jewelry business is one which deals with both creativity and beauty. Hence its website should be a reflection of the beautiful creations that they sell. A well made website has the potential to make extremely good sales for an online jewelry store like pearlsonly.com.

Thus while designing the website, it is important to ensure that it:

  • Has a clean and simple layout

Since the focus of the website is on jewelry, it is foolishness to have elements on the website which can prove to be a distraction. Hence the design of the website has to be clean, precise, simple and should focus exclusively on jewelry. This can be achieved by:

    • Using pale grey or white as the background colors,
    • Have very simple options which are easy to navigate,
    • Using basic fonts to write clear texts,
    • Ensuring a browsing experience which is clutter-free,
    • Doing away with excessive pop-ups, ads, banners etc.
  • Using inspirational and motivational images

Splash images, large banner ads which display a string message and are motivational tend to convince web visitors to actively start shopping. Using such strong calls to action on the product pages, shopping carts, contact pages etc., along with the landing web page makes it almost impossible for a web visitor to resist its impact. This results in a greater rate of conversion of potential to definite customers.

  • Mobile-friendliness

Smart phones rule the day and an online business which does not have a mobile friendly interface, is sure to lose valuable business. Hence in order to capitalize on the excessive use of mobiles by people and directly convert their interest into sales, websites have to be mobile-friendly.

  • Simple navigation

Jewelry is not purchased only by people who are technology friendly. It is purchased by people of all ages and generations and hence it is very important to ensure that the website uses simple navigation tools which are easy to understand.

Thus by designing a website in the best possible using the above tips and tricks, an online jewelry store like Pearls Only will not only be able to expand its customer base but also be able to ensure more conversions.

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