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How to Calculate Your Email Conversion Rate


Email marketing is still the most effective form of business to business marketing strategy. Even in the age of ridiculous numbers of spam emails, email marketing can provide the highest interest return. With the right tools and proper analysis of your marketing strategy, email marketing can provide a significant boost to your company. In this article, we go over what an email conversion rate means, and how to optimise this rate to get the best results for your business.

What is an Email Conversion rate?

Your email conversion rate is the rate at which your subscribers complete an action that you prompted them to. This could be a simple ‘click here’, sign up, or buying a product.

How to Calculate the Email Conversion Rate

The email conversion rate is the percentage of recipients who complete the action and thus would be calculated as so:

Email Conversion Rate = Number of actions completed / Number of successfully sent emails x100

Improving your Email Conversion Rate

Industry standard email conversion rates can be found online so that you can compare your rate and see if your marketing is being successful. If your email conversion rate is low, there are multiple options that can attempt to boost your email marketing effectiveness.

-Catchy subject line

As with all marketing, the crucial moment is the first moment. Many email users base their opinion on the subject line before they even open the content. If the subject line is dull and unenticing, the email may not be opened at all. Use your best offers and emphasise the value that you are giving.

-Go mobile

A significant number of emails are opened on mobile or tablet devices. Many recipients will delete emails on sight if they are not mobile device friendly and don’t appear and interact in a manner approachable for mobile users.

-Land softly

Virtually all marketing emails have landing pages that recipients are directed to from the marketing email. This page needs to follow the same guidelines as the email itself. For instance, the page must still be emphasising the good value being offered in this promotion and the page itself must be mobile device friendly. Don’t let that initial interest slip away.

-Efficient workload

Creating emails and deciding who to send them to can be a lot of work for any sized business. Using email newsletter software can make the process far simpler and quicker, making the process of email marketing more efficient and cost-effective.

Email marketing will be a significant asset to your company’s marketing strategy. By understanding email conversion rates, you can bolster the effectiveness of your internet marketing.

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