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Here’s how Cogoport’s Exim news information can help a trader plan shipping & logistics better


Trading is a complicated process. It involves a lot of different parties connecting together to provide services and goods to buyers and sellers. Transport, tax systems, and several trade laws and regulations form a very complicated structure of the whole trading process.

For smooth operations, participants must be aware of the several exim news and the latest decisions by the government and different trading bodies. A single page is very essential where all the important exim news are present together for reference. In comes Cogoport, a leading digital freights and logistics service provider, which offers a dedicated section for such updates and happenings in the exim industry.

Importance of technology in logistics

Logistics is an important aspect of trading. Contributing to about 13% of global GDP, logistics is a sector waiting to be digitized and conquered. Cogoport is one of the pioneers in this field. The firm doesn’t just limit itself to installing faster computers and relying on them. Instead, the firm collects data from different transport services and every kind of trade enterprise. It also collects the notices plus other important exim news from different authoritative trade magazines, governments, and world organizations. It then interprets all this information to provide clients actual data on the best services both in international and domestic markets.

Cogoport helps SMEs grow to international scales. With the one-stop experience of seeing different freight liners and comparing the prices, speed, and efficiency, manufacturers can avail access to all the options of shipping effortlessly.

The site provides all logistics details for traders and also uses technology to clearly pinpoint freight liners schedules, delay involved, tracking, plus a lot more.

It also provides information regarding trade and logistics on the website. This registry can be used by any trader to plan his or her shipping schedule. Another benefit of this registry is that it keeps a track of all the government decisions regarding trade.

Benefits of Digital logistics

Hike in customs duty, ban on a particular product for trade, even trading among different cities and countries and all other exim news is carefully curated on the portal. The daily updates keep the content fresh. Traders can easily find a particular notice and also see the actual government declaration directly from the site.

With the easy to use interface, working from home becomes simpler. Customers can select the best freight, truck or railway service and save a lot of money right from the comfort of their home.

It helps scales up industries even during the lockdown. The site provides the latest exim news regarding sectors affected due to the pandemic. The news is not just sourced from India, rather, trading decisions and practices around the world are recorded in these articles. Clients, therefore, get a clear idea to set up their chain of shipments without even having to step out of their house.

Exim news benefits & examples

Getting the exim news beforehand proves extremely crucial for future trade setups. For example, if a particular article has been banned from shipping, traders can read about the updates before a future consignment is due. This gives them time to alter their current plans and minimize further losses.

Another scenario is when the trade organizations are favoring particular products or shipments around the world over something else. Traders again get a chance to maximize their profits with the advantage of knowing about it at the right time with the help of exim news updates.

Once the details of the changes are known, clients have all the logistics and data provided by Cogoport to find the perfect alternative for their shipments which is fast as well as economical and reliable.

The traders constantly stay updated on the changing laws and regulations and this keeps their operations smooth. In a way, Cogoport creates the perfect environment for businesses to find the optimal transport options for their products and grow effectively as an industry.

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