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Don’t let the E-Way bill system be a burden!


Since its introduction in April 2018, the e-Way bill system has had a significant impact on the transport and logistics sector of India. While many problems of the pre GST era were done away with, many more has surfaced. For instance, there are many complex technicalities with the online e-Way bill mechanism which requires special attention and managing the entire system can be a lot of hassle if not done smartly. However, the e-Way bill is mandatory for both inter–state and intra—state transport of goods and all the businesses requiring to generate e-Way bill system must come up with solutions so that the system does not become an unnecessary burden!

Problems associated with the e-Way bill system-

Generating e-Way bills online while maintaining all the government regulation takes a lot of focus and managing the entire system often becomes irritatingly time consuming. Especially if you need to focus more on your core business areas, dedicating extra time and effort for the technicalities of the e-way bill system can be very problematic. This is where intelligent technological solution can help you a lot. A smart e Way bill software platform will enable you to manage the entire process of e-Way bill generation with ease.

How can the e-Way bill system be a burden?

Assume a Mr. X runs a business for which he has to generate e-Way bills on a daily basis and for multiple consignments daily. Mr. X is responsible to keep in hand all the necessary documents and manually inputs required data such as Transporter’s details, recipient’s details, goods’ details and vehicular information on the E-Way bill portal, that too every time he has to generate e-way bills. Moreover, he has to be very careful as any clerical error will create huge problems. However, Mr. X’s responsibility does not end here. He needs to update vehicle details, extend validity of e-way bills and cancel it when required. If he commits any error in the aforementioned processes, his business runs the risk of monetary penalties and a loss of reputation!

Now, suppose Mr. X takes the help of an e-Way bill software system:

  • X does not have to worry about inputting all the required information correctly in the e-Way bill portal anymore. The smart e-Way bill software system ensures data accuracy through multiple validation checks and unlike the government portal such a software system also provides Mr. X with an option for correction.
  • X no longer has to input same data multiple times as an AI integrated software solution will input correct data automatically thus saving Mr. X a lot of time.
  • A software system will also take care of all the necessary rules and regulations and also provide alerts to Mr. X whenever there is a requirement for post e-Way bill generation tasks like extending the validity of an e-Way bill and updating vehicle information.

Thus, Mr. X has found the perfect solution for all his e-Way bill generation problems and like him you can too with a good e-Way bill software!

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