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Are The ERP Software Companies in Delhi NCR Reliable?


ERP Software is gaining momentum in India it deserves at a very fast pace. Not just MNCs but SMEs have also started realizing how important it is for increasing the operational efficiency and much more. Because of the same, more and more companies are approaching various ERP software companies in Delhi NCR for getting an industry-specific solution for their business. However, the stakeholders have always been observed juggling between a plethora of choices they have. With little research, they sometimes end up taking ERP software from a company that isn’t a very reliable or trusted channel partner.

So, in this blog, we tell you ways to know which ERP software companies in Delhi NCR are truly reliable for your business requirements. Let us start!

  1. Pitch your challenges clearly: Now, before deciding which of the ERP company is most reliable, it is necessary to be right on your part. If you want to get the best customized ERP solution for your business, you should make sure that you know which challenges you are battling with currently. If you will not tell what exactly you are expecting the solution to solve, you will not get the best ERP solution from any of the vendors. So, make sure you have made your expectations clear to the vendors. For instance, tell them what are the problems you are facing and do you want to increase profits, control costs, increase productivity or what?
  2. Check if the company provides a solution for your industry type: After you have pitched the challenges and expectation, you should see the solution the sales representative shows you as a demo. Now, you should check if those ERP software companies in Delhi NCR are already catering to some clients from your industry or not. For instance, if you are from the automobile industry, you should see if the ERP vendor has some clients from the same industry or not.
  3. Talk to the existing clients: The next step is to cherry-pick the ERP vendors according to the solution they have shown and if they have catered to the same industry before or not. After that, you should talk to the existing clients about how satisfied they are with the solution. If a client ends up praising the company a lot for their ERP, you would know which one is the best. The better the feedback, the better the company.
  4. Know the estimated cost for the solution: Now finally the time to negotiate will come. You would analyze the quote, the solution, the feedback, the awards and everything else. You will then negotiate with the companies and seal the deal with the nest. Also, check which company is offering to end the implementation sooner.

We understand how confusing it can be and hope this post will help you in choosing the most reliable vendor for your business. Remember to never take the decision in haste and always contemplate it. Not doing so will lead you to get an ERP solution that may not be able to give as good results as it could.

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