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8 Tata Tiago JTP caught testing in India again


For any car manufacturer having access to an untapped market is a dream. Developing countries represent a great value when it comes to investing in the vehicle segment. India is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. Despite the vast population, there are only about 70-80 million cars on the roads in India. This would represent a ratio of around 50 cars per 1000 people. This represents a huge opportunity for vehicle makers.

One such company is Tata motors. This multinational conglomerate is one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world. It owns a controlling share in the Indian Automotive market. It understands what customers want and what they need.

How has Tata dominated the market?

It all began with the introduction of the world’s first sub-1000 dollar car called the Nano. The whole focus of the car was on the affordability aspect and the goal was to allow every Indian to have the power to buy the car. It came with a 996 cc engine and could seat a regular family of four. The compact nature and the idea of the car, was that every Indian family will not have to deal with cramming their loved ones on the back of two-wheelers. A recent addition to the Tata motors family is the Tata Tiago a budget sedan designed to answer the demands of the rising middle-class families in the country. It has seen its fair share of success on Indian Roads. It sold over 78000 units in the last fiscal year and finally allowing Tata to breakthrough to the top 10 cars sold in India. It also contributed to 38% of all sales for Tata motors in the said fiscal year.

What are the plans for new models?

Seeing the increase in sales and the dominance of the vehicle Tata motors had showcased a brand new model at an auto expo earlier this year. The vehicle was named Tata Tiago JTP, which was a hot hatch concept of the vehicle. This vehicle is designed to be a sporty car, capable of competing with the likes of the Volkswagen Polo and the Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS. It comes with a much more powerful engine, stiffer dampers, lowered suspension, and bigger disc brakes.

The car is a performance model and is aimed at those who love to take their cars out on drives and unleash it on the roads. The plan is to make it the most affordable hot hatch in the country with a price point of around 7-8 lakhs. This makes it cheaper than its competitors and for those who want performance at a price, this would be the answer. Its new design, along with the alloy wheels and sporty seats make it a head turner.

For those of you interested in its release date, it is slated to release around the end of 2018 and there have been several sightings of the Tata Tiago JTP in testing. You can hold on to your horses and wait for a little while longer till Tata announces its official sale.

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