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Who Needs Quality Lab Equipment


The equipment used in laboratories is popular for more than just applications in laboratories. It is popular for many different uses; it is used in school science laboratories as well as food companies. Due to the prevalence of school and university laboratories and food companies, they are some of the most common customers of laboratory equipment companies. The most common tools are flasks, bottles, filters, and caps. They’re some of the most diverse and useful tools that you will find from a supply company. They’re also useful for hobbyists who brew their own beer, wine, or kombucha.

Beer, Wine, and Kombucha

Many people who make beer, wine, and/or kombucha in their homes use laboratory-grade equipment for many different reasons. Laboratory-grade equipment, such as what you might from a company such as Pure Transfer, is sterile and resilient. In the past, most laboratory equipment, especially beakers and vials, were made of glass. That glass was typically heat-resistant but it was still somewhat fragile. Now, many companies make their laboratory equipment from a virgin, sterile polycarbonate. Glass was used because it’s a nonporous material, which means that the glass can be made completely sterile after use. Polycarbonate is also nonporous; it also has the added benefit of being less fragile than glass.

Those who make beer, wine, and/or kombucha in their homes often use polycarbonate laboratory equipment to create drinks. It’s crucially important that you have sterile equipment when you are brewing them. Beer and wine are incredibly nutrient-rich environments for bacteria and fungi to grow during the brewing process. If even one molecule of bacteria or fungus is in the brewing process, it can ruin the entire batch. Kombucha is made from a bacterial culture; you have to be able to carefully control which bacteria are used. Sterile equipment is perfect for that.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities often use lab equipment for their science labs. Polycarbonate material is especially useful for schools. If the people handling the materials are not very well versed in how to handle them properly, using polycarbonate equipment is often the safest bet. It can be dropped with a much smaller chance of breaking as glass might.

You need to look for a good supplier of laboratory equipment if you are using it for any of these purposes. You want to make sure that it is rated for the sterile environment that you need. You can look on the websites to see the different sterility ratings of different pieces of equipment. With the right equipment, you will be able to perform the tasks that you need; you can then sterilise the items and do it all over again. Laboratory equipment is great for the laboratory or the home kitchen.

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