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Water Storage Solutions for Rural Farming


Farmers in some parts of Australia must endure many hardships due to the extreme climate, and for those who farm the Northern Territories, water storage is forever an issue. Rainfall is very limited in such regions, and when it does eventually rain, there is a need to harvest as much as possible. Modern water tanks are designed, built and installed by experts, and with a wide range of tanks and fittings, a customised water storage system can easily be created.

Bush Fires

The dry, hot climate in northern Australia is the perfect environment to sport a bush fire, and once the wind picks it up, anything in its path is doomed, unless you happen to have a few thousand litres of water on tap. Water fire tanks provide that crucial fire protection for many rural farms and homes, and according to statistics, a majority of the homes destroyed by fire would have survived had they had an adequate supply of water. If, for example, a farmer needed water tanks in Darwin, there is one particular manufacturer-supplier that has many years of experience creating water storage systems for the rural community.

Range of Sizes

The ideal shape for a water storage tank is circular, and with a height of just over 2 metres, the capacity is determined by the diameter. For the average rural homes, capacity would be anything from 25 – 100,000 litres, with the smaller size being just under 4 metres in diameter. Larger units can accommodate up to 275,000 litres of water, and with multiple units, there is no limit to what you can create.

Bore Hole Water Conservation

If you are lucky enough to have a well on your property, this can be your permanent source of water, and with a system that automatically draws from the bore when necessary, you will always have an adequate supply of water on tap. If used correctly, this can supply the property with enough water year round, and with a separate storage tank as a fire precaution, you have everything covered.

Crop Watering

This was always something that limited farmers in certain areas, as rainfall was limited, and with no other source of water, crop growing was out of the question. Today, however, due to technological advances, we can transport and store any amount of water, which can be stored for long periods without risk of contamination. Modern tank liners are multi-layered affairs that guarantees the water is fresh and drinkable, and with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer, your water issues will soon be a thing of the past.

You may already have water tanks, and with a few decades under their belt, it might be time to consider replacing them with something that is really built to last. There are online suppliers of the very best steel fabricated water tanks for a range of purposes, and whether you are a farmer or homeowner, if you live in a fire risk region, a fire water tank or two is essential.

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