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Tips for Keeping Your Construction Site Clean


Keeping your site clean is not just about visual appeal or the look of the area, it is vital for keeping employees safe and free from risk while going about their duties. Building materials and debris should be properly stored workers must be provided with adequate facilities while working on construction sites. Here are several tips on how to maintain your building site to avoid the risk of accidents, injuries and contamination.

Organise Scrap & Used Material

A proper system is needed on site to identify and divide compounds that have been used and are ready to be disposed of. Read up on the requirements of waste disposal in your area and plan a system which helps you and other workers to separate and discard construction material. Each component should be separated accordingly and left it a specific section to be disposed of correctly. It is important that your organisation recycles construction material such as wood, metal and concrete to help with environmental issues.

Allocate Daily Clean-up Responsibilities

Ensure employees are allocated specific daily cleaning duties to help keep the construction site well maintained and safe for workers. Appoint them with different chores such as litter picking, toxic waste disposal and flammable liquid management. It is vital that you provide the appropriate type of waste disposal equipment for staff members who come into contact with sensitive material, never let any employee handle dangerous compounds without the right safety kit.

Provide Clean Toilet Facilities

A large construction site will have numerous tradesmen working during regular intervals throughout the day, so it is important that you provide the appropriate washroom facilities on-site. For instance, if your site is based in Northern England, and you require toilet unit hire in Yorkshire, you’ll have to contact a specialist portable hire company who can cater for your needs and deliver an affordable unit to your location. Installing portable toilets on your site is the perfect way to keep your area clean while letting a professional company take care of the waste management process.

Keep Work Stations Clean & Unobstructed

Concentrate on keeping areas such as skip sites clean and unobstructed by debris and other materials. Construction sites are full of hazardous material and workers can easily get injured if not careful, one of the best ways to avoid this is to pay attention to high risk areas. Workers should be kept aware of and regularly informed about hazards such as nails, electrical wire and other materials.

Conduct a Final Day Clean

On the final day or work, recruit your whole team and conduct a thorough, detailed clean-up of the entire construction site. The whole area should be left immaculate, with workers picking up mops, brushes and other cleaning utensils to ensure you leave the place spotless. This is all important when aiming to make a good impression for buyers.

Although construction sites by their nature get messy, it is still important to keep them as clean as possible to ensure a safe, low risk work environment.

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