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The Importance of the Candidate Experience – Go Above & Beyond!


With any recruitment process that you undertake for filling dental jobs, it is so important that you conduct the whole procedure in a way that is fair and transparent, which is professional at all stages of the process. If you don’t, you could be breaking employment rules and you could suffer from irreversible reputational damage. Bad word travels, especially in this day and age with advancements in technology.

When a person spends time crafting an application for your dental office, and they don’t even hear back from you, these people will be quick to tell everyone about their experiences on social media. They may talk to their work peers about it, and this could mean less people apply for jobs at your practice in the future. This may mean that you miss out on the talent that is coming through.

These ideas are supported by recent research. Three quarters of candidates who had a negative experience during the recruitment process ended up talking to friends and family about it.

So, how do you offer a great candidate experience?

Keep all Candidates Up-to-Date

It is important that you communicate frequently with candidates to keep them up-to-date with their applications. A study found that this is the number one reason for a negative candidate experience when employers don’t update applicants on the status of their applications.

Be Polite & Considerate – The Best Investment You Can Make

This is an investment which doesn’t cost a penny. It will also do wonders for the image of the dental office. If a candidate is not successful, it is common courtesy to thank the candidate for their efforts and wish them good luck in their search moving forward. Make sure you keep candidates who were close to getting the job on file. This will reduce the cost of recruitment in the future. It was found that 95% of all candidates would reapply for the position if the dental office were polite and kept them up-to-date on their application.

Improve the Candidate Experience Each Time

It is important that you chat with existing employees to see how they found the candidate experience. This would allow you to quickly identify any areas which could benefit from any change. When you chat with current employees, it will make them feel appreciated that you take their views into account and increase employee/management co-operation.

For more tips on improving the candidate experience, check out https://www.dentreps.com/blog/improving-the-candidate-experience/.

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