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The Different Types Of Personal Injury Claims


Scan today’s newspaper and you will come across a number of accidents, injuries, and death that took place on the previous day. Mishaps and injuries are so common these days that the seriousness hits us only when we ourselves or a loved one has been involved in one. Accidents and injuries, most of the time, are the result of negligence on the part of others. The confusion and suffering that a person or his or her family has to go through as a result of an accident and its consequences can never be put in words.

Personal injury is said to be a physical, psychological or an emotional damage that a victim faces due to a distress or harm caused by another individual. Though an injury caused by an accident cannot be undone there are certain provisions that can be claimed by the injured or his/her loved ones through the personal injury law. It could be an action against the convict, or provision for damages caused or financial compensation. A case of personal injury may be formally dealt by a personal injury attorney in a civil court and if the accused is convicted he/she will have to face the court judgment. However, most of the time lawsuits for personal injury are resolved outside the court by settling it informally, before filing a lawsuit. Given below are the different types of claims for personal injuries.

Claim for negligence and public liability (Slip and fall)

This is one of the most common personal injury claims. When an individual is injured in a public area the corporate or public organizations are usually responsible for it. For example, if a person slips and falls due to a lack of safety sign and gets injured he/she can claim for negligence. It is the responsibility of the property owners to keep a property free of hazards to prevent the people from getting injured.

Motor vehicle accidents

When a person is injured due to an accident involving the collision of a truck, car, bus or any other motor vehicles or a pedestrian a personal injury claim can be made. Accidents on roads usually occur due to rash driving or breaking rules. The claims for personal injury can be made under Motor Vehicular Collisions law. Such cases can be complex because it depends on a number of factors like records of police, violations of law, and violation of driving codes.

Injuries caused in the workplace

Negligence on the part the business owner or the employer could result in accidents and injuries in a workplace. This happens when the employees fail to comply with safety codes at a workplace. Personal injury claims can be made and the compensation received will depend on the severity of the injury.

Injuries caused due to medical negligence

When a medical professional fails to provide the required medical care or causes a mistake or accident in treatment, this could result in an injury or even death of the patient. Medical negligence can include the use of damaged equipment, administration of medicines past the date of expiry, accidents in treatment or surgery and failure to give the necessary first aid. A personal injury lawyer can help you get the right compensation for medical malpractices.

Intentional torts and assault

When a person injures and harms another individual intentionally it is referred to as an assault or an intentional tort. This is not a case of negligence and he/she is likely to face criminal charges too. Stalking and domestic violence are the most common types of assault. It is the duty of the victim to report such cases to the authorities immediately. The victim can also file for compensation in a civil court.

Defamation caused by libel and slander

Sometimes people spread rumors and gossips through false statements with the aim of defaming the character of an individual or an organization. This causes injury to the reputation of the individual or the business. They can file for compensation in such cases by proving those statements spread through libel and slander were untrue. Defamation through libel and slander are most commonly faced by public figures, leaders and celebrities.

Injuries caused by dogs

When a dog bites or causes injury to a person it is the responsibility of the owner of the dog to give the necessary financial compensation. If the owner of the dog fails to do so the victim can file a personal injury claim in the civil court through a personal injury attorney.

Hiring an experienced legal counsel would be a wise idea as he/she can help you understand the nature of the claim for your injury and you are likely to receive a good compensation for it.

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