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Start trading bitter kola and earn surplus profits


Making money from the exports of bitter kola is not a hard nut to crack, all you need is to get some knowledge about how to get international buyers for your bitter kola exports. The guide will help you understand how the bitter kola exports business works

Why exporting of bitter kola from Nigeria is highly profitable

The need for bitter kola across the global market has taken a toll from the past few years. This is since the seed, nut, and plant is beneficial for the medicinal and food and drug sector for the production of medicines, beverages, and several other products.

With the above facts, it can be concluded that surplus of profits can be made with exports of bitter kola particularly to the regions where it is highly demanded for commercial basis.

Well, if you are a resident of Nigeria, having bitter kola grown abundantly, after all you should ponder starting a trade that sells the product in the international market.

Bitter kola exportation business is very profitable, as it makes profits more than initial investment or more depending on the international sale. And anybody can start up the business. Meanwhile, it may not involve large capital or practical knowledge for Nigerian exporters.

Considering the global market bitter kola is demanded in either the garden-fresh or the desiccated form. But ever as most buyers choose the desiccated form, the seeds need to be cautiously dehydrated in such a way that the color and taste are not changed.

Finding international buyers from different means

Tracing buyers is the most significant part involved in the bitter kola export trade. As most exporters possess the relations to their buyers as a trade skeleton in the cupboard, you will take one or the other of two routes to get this info. You can consult with experts in the business to hit the books how to link with potential buyers or the rapid digitalization, and technology has made so easy finding thousands of buyers, trader, importers, and wholesaler from all over the world. On a single platform where you can associate yourself to the leading B2B websites such as Alibaba, IndiaMart, DH gate, eWorldTrade.com as these websites connect a massive directory of suppliers to thousands of potential buyers from all over the world just from your place of business, with reliability and confidence over the quality of the products. Since all these B2B marketplaces.

Once you get in touch with international bitter kola buyers all you will need is to register and send an offer to the buyer utilizing a B2B website. When they are eager to do a venture with you, and you both have undergone legal proceedings, then you can go forward to establish your bitter kola seeds nuts or plants business and bundle them for export.

Make sure that your packaging is enough reliable

As if there is no customary packaging method for bitter kola, you will need to bundle your bitter kola seeds cautiously to guarantee the protection of seed quality.

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