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Save Money on Phone Calls with VoIP


Voice over Internet Protocol uses the Internet to make voice calls and the system is available in several forms. You can have traditional handsets that are specially configured, or cordless handsets that allow the caller to move around, and you can even have headsets that can be plugged into a laptop for complete freedom. The advantages of VoIP are many and with the ability to call any mobile or landline number, you are not restricted in any way, and the savings you will make can be significant.

Online Solutions

Any business owner who would like to know more about VoIP can perform a simple online search and that will reveal the location of a company that specialises in this revolutionary communications system. In the UK, Birchills Telecom are one of the best in the industry and can provide you with a system that saves you money from day one.

Bespoke Service

Every business is unique in its own way and the VoIP supplier can tailor the system to suit any business. You might be a small one man band or a multi-national corporation, and the system can easily be configured to receive hundreds, or even thousands of calls. The stylish handsets are guaranteed for 2 years and are easily configured for immediate use, and if you would like tomorrow’s technology today, there are headsets that do not restrict movement and can be plugged into a laptop. Wireless Bluetooth connections allow freedom of movement, which is essential in a busy office where people are constantly on the move.

PBX Systems

These have been around for a few years already and with VoIP, you have all the functions and features of a professional switchboard that allows you to receive many calls at the same time, and give the user complete control over the system, which can easily be configured to suit your needs. Recorded messages will give your business image a boost and with the ability to call any mobile or landline number, you are not restricted in any way.

Choose your Phone Numbers

With VoIP, you can choose your phone number, or if you prefer, you can keep your existing number, as it is possible to route calls. The provider would more than likely have 0800 numbers available, which are free to the caller and are a real benefit to many companies, and you can even have an international number that would appear as a local number in the country. The system allows you to configure any UK area code, making it a versatile system that can be configured to suit every business, big or small. We all have unique business needs, and by talking to the VoIP experts, you might be surprised at what the system enables you to do.

Today’s business demands high quality calls, and with VoIP, you can contact any number, whether landline or mobile, and the ability to use existing numbers allows your business to continue uninterrupted.

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