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Moving Tips With Pets


Moving is a difficult task, in itself. It’s a chore that demands a lot of planning and preparation in advance. It’s not just a hectic task but a tiring one too. According to the reports, moving is considered to be the most challenging task in one’s life. It tends to invite a lot of unwanted and stress between the family members.

Where, the problems moving leads to are many, yet it causes are less. We can say that moving is an easy task, if it has to be carried by humans all alone, but if your pets are moving along with you, you need to be very cautious about it and you are supposed to do a lot of extra preparation for it. So, in order to make your move with your pets easy, here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Pets rules and regulations

Landlords and homeowners associations at your new location may have specific pet rules. We would ask you, to get to know them all before your move.

  1. New Veterinarian

It is important to find a new vet doctor as soon as you are settled in the new place. Your current vet might help you by recommending some colleagues in your new area. To ensure that you establish a rapport with the vet and so does your pet, make sure to book an appointment as soon as possible and undergo a general checkup.

  1. Medical Records

Before you leave an existing place, make sure that you collect all the medical records of your pet. Also, search for the best emergency hospital for pets near you to ensure you know where you have to go in case of emergency.

  1. Stick to a Routine

Try to stick to the daily routine of your pet, as much as possible. Of course, except the moving day, as it is very hectic. But if you can try to keep daily feedings and walks on a schedule, it will make the whole transition easier for them.

  1. Travel with your Pet

Your pet will likely be traveling by car with you nearby, until you are travelling long distance or international. When you choose to take your pet along with you in your car, you offer them better care as they have the same feeling of familiarity.

By driving yourself, you can care for them and give them a sense of familiarity while they move. However, for the transportation to be safe, arrange better carrier option. You can easily find seatbelts for large sized dogs. If you have plans to take your pet by air, you must read the rules and regulations of the airlines and keep all the necessary documents handy.

  1. Tags and Chips

It is important that your pet’s collar tags reads your current cell number. Updated tags will ensure that someone will know who to call, if they ran off. You should also consider microchipped – microchips are another good security measure. Any of the professionals can use the microchip and scan to find out the owner’s information.

  1. Pet Box

Just like an essentials box for your own, do not forget to arrange a pet box for your pet. This box must have all the important things of your pet in store. The list of thing include pet food, supplies, bed, favorite toys and more.

Moving is a tough task and when you are moving with pet you need to consider a lot of things. Moving Feedback offers you help in finding the best company to help you move with your pet and make the moving experience happier for both of you.

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