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Improve Health and Productivity with a Standing Desk and Mat


Desk jobs are often tiring, leaving you sluggish by the end of the day. Standing on a mat in front of a desk may be more beneficial to your health and productivity than sitting.

Standing on a Mat Reduces Discomfort

Standing desks are more common in the workplace. However, they are most effective when paired with a quality floor mat. The additional padding helps reduce discomfort while standing; a cushioned mat reduces pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles.

A standing desk mat is especially important when you first switch from a standard desk and chair to a standing one. Your feet may need several days to adjust if you are not accustomed to standing all day, however.

Standing on a Mat Prevents Bad Posture

A chair with improper lumbar support forces you to lean forward. Bad posture results from leaning toward the desk, which can cause back or neck pain. If the situation is not corrected, acute pain from bad posture can develop into something more chronic.

Standing on a mat allows you to keep your back straight and maintain proper posture. Optimal results are achieved by adjusting your computer screen to sit just above your eye level.

Sitting for Long Periods Limits Blood Circulation

When you sit all day, you limit blood circulation. The sitting position compresses blood vessels and prevents proper blood flow to areas of your body. With limited circulation, you may experience digestive problems, difficulty concentrating, and numbness or tingling in limbs.

Standing keeps your blood flowing, even when remaining stationary. Without a chair, you will find it easier to take short breaks to stretch your limbs. Regular stretching helps you remain flexible and prevents poor circulation.

Standing Can Reduce the Risk of Health Complications

People that sit all day are more likely to consume extra calories, limit physical activity, and make poor food choices. These issues, combined with digestive issues and bad circulation, may lead to health complications. Sitting all day is known to increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Remaining on your feet eliminates a lot of the health risks associated with sitting. Standing keeps you active, promoting better health and encouraging you to make additional healthy life choices.

Removing Tension Helps Improve Productivity

A cushioned mat helps reduce fatigue. By reducing the pressure on your body and the health complications discussed, you remain in a relaxed state of mind throughout the day. Staying on your feet is known to help reduce stress and improve energy. These are benefits that directly impact productivity.

To get the best results, choose a durable mat with quality padding. Replacing a chair with a comfortable mat is a simple change that may help improve your health and career.

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