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How to Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Printer is Secure


Wi-Fi printers have an incredible amount of benefits in a workplace environment.

They are a convenient, tidy option for your office and withfewer trailing wires to cause hazards, what’s not to like?

However, with a wireless printer, extra measures may need to be taken to ensure that your deviceis secure and safe.

If you are worried that your data may be compromised through your printer, or simply want to reinforce the security measures that you already have, read on to find out how to keep your print jobs safe.

Secure your Wi-Fi network
The first step to ensureno information is stolen through your wireless printer, is to secureyour Wi-Fi network.

While yourSamsung printermay be a device with extremely advanced security settings, if the Wi-Fi network it’s connected to is unsecure,it can still be opento attacks.

To reduce this risk, make sure that theWi-Fi network you use is only being accessed by permittedstaff in your office, and is not a communal or openWi-Fi.

If there is no password or filter on your wireless network, this will make stealing data incredibly easy for people who don’t work for your company.

Delete your data
One of the simplest ways to ensure that your printer is not creating a vulnerable point in your office security, is to set it to delete the data it has received whenever a print job is completed.

This quick and easy action will greatly improve your HP printer security, or the safety of any major printer model, as it will reduce the risk of any important information transmitted to your device being stolen or copied.

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PIN protection

If there are a large amount of people working in your office, or your office building is rather busy, it can be hard to keep tabs on who is coming and going.In this case, it may be worth considering setting PIN codes on your device.

This is an option which is available on most printers and will mean that a customisedPIN number will need to be entered before a print job can be sent.

Therefore,only designated people will be able to use your machine and access data that may have been saved on it.

Update your device
A veryeasy method to keep your printer secure is to keep your printer software updated.

These updates from your software manufacturer will often contain security upgrades toprevent modern methods from compromising your private information, and will in turn keep your device safe.

Ensure that when new updates are released for your printer, you do not ignore them. Instead, keep on top of them tomaintain your printer’sworking order.

Following these tips should ensure that your valuable information can only be accessed by designated staff, and stays out of the wrong hands.

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