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How to interview professional movers?


The biggest challenge during a move is to choose a moving company to whom you can trust. You never know what can happen during a move until all your belongings reach your home. So, you don’t want to entrust your valuable belongings on anyone. So, it is very important to know as much as you can know about your professional movers.

Here is a list of a few questions that will help you interviewing professional movers cross country for you:

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Different Questions to Ask

  • How long the company has been in the business?
  • How long the estimator you are speaking to has been in the same industry?
  • Get an answer to the questions such is there any complaint registered against the company. If some complaints have been registered regarding the company then check what measures they have taken to rectify the situation. The better business bureau helps get the answer to such questions.
  • Is there third-party service involved in the moving? Check whether the company offer services like whether they can move a piano, pool table and son on or there is any third-party service.
  • Ask for references. Getting references from movers and then contacting those past clients of the movers will help know what kind of services the professional will offer. If the movers have past happy and satisfy clients then chances are you will get the satisfying work as well.
  • Ask about the moving quote they are offering whether it is a binding or a non-binding moving quote? It is a great idea to have a not-to-exceed moving quote. Because in many cases, movers end up in costing you more as compared to the moving quote they offer.
  • Ask about their pick-up and drop off locations. This will help know whether the companies offer to pick up and drop off locations as per your needs and requirements.

These are a few questions that will help get the answers to these questions.

Apart from that, the first impression counts. Judge the estimator who walks in your home to estimate the weight of the belongings based on their professionalism. Give attention to every detail during the hiring progress. Are you satisfied with the responsiveness of them with your inquires? This will help know whether you should hire these movers or not. Be careful that there are shady movers who can completely disturb your moving process. It is recommended you to safeguard yourself from scammers who can take advantage of your tensions and anxiety. Be aware!

Make sure the movers offer a thorough explanation of the regarding the mover’s price and process. Make sure you know every detail so there will be no hidden surprises that you might face in the future.

These are the things that will let you know about the philosophy of the company and higher are the chances that you will select the company to whom you can trust so you will have a great move without any scam. Check whether how comfortable you are to talk to the professionals so you will be comfortable in working with them.

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