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How can visitor management system be helpful in hosting conference events


Everyone of us has been to conference where large number of people are invited to exchange latest information among the experts. The conference event’s purpose can be either administrative, academic conference or gathering of researchers. Often long queues are formed at the entrance of the conference event venue. Many of the potential participants get annoyed when they have to wait for hours to check-in to an event.

Traditional methods including hefty paperlogs, physical security guards and manual registers are not a feasible solutions for maintaining security at a conference event where large number of visitors are registered instantly on the entrance. With the help of digital & automated visitor management systems event organisers can check-in invitees seamlessly, pre-register expected guests, print instant identity badges and even collect feedback from the people who attended the event. Along with managing visitors it also improves overall security inside the conference event venue as only verified people are allowed to enter. Following are the ways in which visitor management systems will ease conference event organisers and the people attending the event:-

Check-in visitors seamlessly:- When a venue proposed to host conference event is equipped with visitor access control system, attendees are checked-in instantly without any formation of queue. Whereas in the case of traditional visitor management solutions involving use of hefty registers and paperlogs, visitors seldom get annoyed when they have to wait in a queue just to enter the event premises.

Send Invites & Pre-register guests:- Visitor management solutions allow the event organisers to send invites to their customers or expected guests on their devices. Further the organisers can also pre-register the guest prior to the event date, if the guest has been to an event before and is a repeated attendee to the upcoming conference event. The details of pre-registered guest will also be conveyed to the respective person on the personal device.

Instant identity badging:- At the entrance of the conference event venue, visitor management system is equipped along with a compact printer that prints instant badges after registeration of the person. These badges help to solve many security challenges faced by the organisers like co-ordinating before event, identification on the spot by the hosts or sometimes hassle created in finding your guest, as they display important details provided on the registeration by the visitor and a passport size photograph for better identification.

Secure visitor details for future use:- The visitor management system registers guests instantly by enrolling their information in the database from where it can be accessed at any point required by the organising authorities. These details can be used in future to pre-register your guests and save time.

Collect attendee’s feedback:- At the conference event where visitor management is equipped, the invitees and the attendees can actively share their experience from their devices after their visit. This feedback can be further used to derive meaningful insights and improve customer experience. The hosts can also generate alerts to the organising team and the attendees if there is any situation of emergency.

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