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Finding the Right Air Compressor for Your Needs


Air compressor are essential pieces of equipment across a wide range of industries. In their simplest form, they take air in and compress it so that it produces a greater output of energy. This energy can then drive other tools and equipment, such as jackhammers and large machines. It is an energy-efficient method of driving equipment that would otherwise require large amounts of energy to function.

Changes in Air Compressor Technology

Air compressor technology has been around for a long time, and it has changed quite significantly during that time in terms of efficiency. Some compressors are air-cooled, some are oil-free, and others use centrifugal force as part of their design. In all cases, the goal is to output enough energy to use for other purposes.

The Beauty of the Rotary Screw

In the context of air compressor history, the rotary screw type compressor is a recent development. Commonly used in industrial applications for driving heavy equipment, the rotary screw air compressor offers the following benefits:

  • Flow surge: One problem with many compressors is that the air flow is not consistent. There will be surges and troughs where the compressed air is at a higher or lower pressure. While this may not be a problem in certain applications, it is especially problematic for more pressure-sensitive tools, or for equipment and machinery that is designed for higher tolerances. It is, for example, useful for tools like jackhammers that are designed to be used with a consistent air pressure. An inconsistent pressure would mean that the jackhammer would not function as intended in this example.
  • Smoother: Because there is a more consistent flow surge, rotary screw industrial air compressors in Sydney are smoother running. There is less vibration, and therefore no requirement for spring mounting to prevent excessive vibrations. This also means that they are generally quieter units than the equivalent units in other compressor types.
  • Maintenance: All air compressors require maintenance at some point, but rotary screw compressors tend to require less maintenance.
  • Operating temperatures: Many air compressors operate at very high temperatures, but rotary screw types are internally cooled, so the various parts of the unit do not endure the same high temperatures that other units do. This feature also means that the unit is less prone to breakdown and can actually operate continuously for long periods of time.

Though there are a variety of air compressors available, it is important to find the right one. Whether you need the continuous operation of a rotary screw compressor or the water-cooled designs of other units, the good news is that there are companies with plenty of experience that can provide custom-made units.

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