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Ensuring Employee Safety at Work


No matter the size of your business, employee and customer safety should be a top priority. There are many ways that a person can be injured on the job site, from the most obvious issues such as dangerous chemicals or electric shock to more subtle injuries from loud noises. Mitigating the possibility of injury can seem daunting but some steps are easy to take and can have big impacts.

Assessing Your Risk

One of the first steps to take in mitigating risk at your workplace is to assess what the risks are. The Take 5 risk assessment is designed to help business owners do just that by laying out step-by-step directions to find any dangers at your workplace and then minimise the risks of all employees. There is a checklist included that all employees should complete before and while on shift. Once you have uncovered your main risks, you can take steps to ensure that employees are as safe as possible while working.

Implement Employee Training

No jobs is without some level of risk but the best way to ensure that everyone is safe is to train employees on the dangers of their jobs, how to avoid injury, and what to do in case of an accident. Simply being aware of risks isn’t enough and may actually give employees a false sense of security. It’s only through appropriate training that everyone at your workplace will understand how to do his or her job safely.

Stay on Top of Issues

Even with proper training, employees will sometimes fail to follow safety rules. It is the job of the owner or manager to make sure that all employees are following the rules to remain safe. Regular training is a great way to help remind employees of the dangers of their jobs and how to mitigate them. In addition, mandatory first aid training will help them deal with any problems that arise.

Look Into Incidents and Keep Timely Records

Every incident, no matter how serious, should be fully investigated so that everyone can understand how it happened. With a full investigation, you will be able to implement steps and safety features so that the accident doesn’t occur again. It’s important to keep records of all incidents that occur at your workspace as well as any medical care given and training that the employees received. This way, you will be covered if there is a lawsuit or the government wants to see your safety information.

It’s not impossible to keep everyone on your job site safe but it does take work. Assessing the risks of danger, keeping everyone educated on how to do his or her job safely, and following up with any issues that occur will go a long way to ensuring that you don’t have any serious injuries at work.

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