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Different Features of KRT Lab Test in Asian Countries


KRT is the first audit corporation in China and also in entire Asia, for checking the qualities of industrial products. KRT lab test is trusted all over the world and importers from more than 70 countries are benefitted by this overseas service. It works in all industrial sectors, as there are trained workers for lab tests of specific products manufactured in China and other Asian countries.

Lab tests of products in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries

Since the products of the food and pharmaceutical industries have a direct impact on human health, the KRT lab test has the utmost importance. The presence of any toxic element is acutely tested in the laboratory, to ensure that products are absolutely harmless. All tests are conducted to check the presence of microbiological organisms that may make consumers ill. Different types of physical and chemical tests are also held to check all the positive and negative properties of those products. The presence of heavy metals is mainly detected from the viscosity of a product. There are also specific testing methods for checking the acidity and alkalinity of products. The packaging of edible products is another factor that is tested in the lab.

Lab testing of textile and footwear industry products

Since many garment materials shrink in water, lab tests of these products include the checking of the shrinkage capability. The color fastness is another factor to check through the KRT lab test so that customers do not complain of fast fading of the original colors of their garments and footwear. The flammability of all these products is also checked to make sure that they are not dangerously inflammable. The toxicity and the weight of garments and footwear also need to be checked, to make comfortable and safe for even kids. Hence, the manufacturing methods of these products are also checked, apart from the lab testing of materials.

Useful lab tests for checking the quality of electronic items

All types of tests are conducted to check the functionality of electronic goods and see if these are safe for daily use. The voltage analysis and hertz analysis are two important lab tests conducted to check the conductance of electricity and sound in these items. The inspectors check all the electrical components of appliances in the factories, to make these devices error-free. They also evaluate the risks of using certain hazardous elements in the productions of electronic products, for which they make sure that factory owners follow all the ROHS directives. The manufacturing processes of electrical items need to be made according to the guidelines laid by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and safety standards of the European Union (CE).

Since the protection of the environment is the responsibility of every person, the KRT lab test also aims in checking whether products are manufactured in eco-friendly ways. Some harmful chemicals are now prohibited in all industries, which should be avoided for the best interests of users. Thus, inspectors check whether these unhealthy things are used during any manufacturing stage. Thus, these kinds of lab tests are beneficial for both industry owners and consumers.

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